[2001][STACK software] Sister Princess ~Pure Stories~(シスター・プリンセス 〜ピュア・ストーリーズ〜)


Sep 21, 2013
Sister Princess ~Pure Stories~(シスター・プリンセス 〜ピュア・ストーリーズ〜)


Official Website:
VNDB: https://vndb.org/v26659

Japanese Title: シスター・プリンセス 〜ピュア・ストーリーズ〜
Romanji: Sister Princess ~Pure Stories~
Release Date: 2001/12/13
Developer: STACK software
Size: 332.9 MB

Pure Stories is a fan disk that complements original Sister Princess visual novel game.

Two visual novels included here are the "Valentine Story", where one story for each of the 12 heroines is available, it acts mostly through reminiscing of past events, with occasional player choices which branch the outcome. The "Christmas Story" acts as a single slightly longer story which starts by the player reading an e-mail from one of the heroines which decides the direction in which the story continues. Additionally, the game includes a town map which lets you visit various locales which advances the time. The map also shows which heroines is at which location which will prompt for a dialogue if you visit a location with someone present. Both visual novels require the player to enter the protagonist's name by which one is addressed to in the stories.

Mini-games include a memory game where you can play card-memory game against each of the heroines, matching pairs of portraits from the female characters. A puzzle game is a single-player 4 by 4 tile matching witch one missing tile starting with the image you need to put together, then shuffling the tiles randomly. Beside the picture, the tiles also feature numbers on them which help you decide which tiles goes where.

Additional bonus content include fully unlocked BGM player, CG albums with over dozen of stills for each of the 12 heroines, and Christmas message to player from each of the heroines.


works on windows 10​

Link Here:​


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