[English] [181228][ルさんちまん] 行け!! 鳴神学園オカルト研究部2 Ver.1.15[ENG][RJ237448]


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Feb 14, 2015

Go!! Narukami Occult Club 2


Title: 行け!! 鳴神学園オカルト研究部2
Company: ルさんちまん
Release: 2018/12/28
Language: English
Censorship: CEN
Total size: 883 MB

Saya Shinouji is the descendant of a great sorcerer. She has been
spending her days using her natural talent and training in exorcism
to search for her estranged mother in another realm.

But she received a sudden request. It was from a girl named Yui
whose friend had vanished. Saya, sensing demonic involvement,
heads off to the area with her younger sister, Shiori....

To Narukami Academy...

But there's a formidable foe waiting for them there......

-Revisit Narukami Academy!
-A story set in a parallel world
-Do ecchi things to build power that will make your characters stronger!
-No calendar time limit so you can play as long as you want!

*H scenes
-Over 50 base ero CGs
-The protagonist alone has 15 scenes,
plus 3 companions each get at least 10 scenes!
-Some sub-characters also have scenes

*Fine-tuned Battle System
-Collect gear in randomly generated dungeons
-Limited to four fighting characters from the beginning,
but each has great depth of play

Gallery mode
Scene rewatch feature
Message skip​




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