[English] [180426][あせろら] 性義の怪盗セリアーヌ~エロトラップダンジョンの先のお宝を奪え!~ [English][RJ222920]


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Feb 14, 2015

Celierne, Thief Of Justice ~Go Through The Ero Trap Dungeon To Get Treasures!~


Title: 性義の怪盗セリアーヌ~エロトラップダンジョンの先のお宝を奪え!~
Company: あせろら
Release: 2018/04/26
Language: English
Censorship: CEN

* Story:
There are wrongdoers in the society.
Dishonest traders who defraud innocent people of their money.
Undignified aristocrats exploit poor people in starvation.

But there is a group of chivalrous thieves of that only
targets such dirty-minded authorities. The group is called "Cats' Punch".

The head of the group looking after members like their mother, Twelve.
A blue-blood thief characterized by her lofty way of laughing, Moon.
A bright, innocent yet genius thief Celierne.

In originally developed suits, the beautiful and elegant craftswomen
in the group dodge through H traps and H enemies to take treasures
away from evils for the sake of powerless innocents.

* System:
- Animations
It is acerola's first attempt to animate scenes!
They gasp for breath in heat, fall into H traps,
get r*ped by monsters all in animations!

- Pee Meter
A value that increases over time, for example, when walking.
Wetting happens and lewdness level increases when it reaches maximum.
So do no forget to let her pee when needed!!

- Lewdness level
When lewdness level is excessively high, she gets aroused
and becomes vulnerable to health damage. If it reaches maximum
it causes a game over and she will be r*ped by monsters nearby.
In order to prevent this value from accumulating, she has to masturbate!

- Health
Health decreases when entrapped and r*ped by monsters.
Running out of health causes a game over so be careful!
(a game over means XXXed by monsters in sight......!?)
You can recover health by staying to take a rest or using items.

- Pregnant Belly
Pregnant belly value increases with each r*pe by monsters.
When it reaches maximum she gets pregnant.
You can get useful items when she lays eggs.
But the lewdness level increases so use this technique wisely!

- Various H Traps & H Monsters
She will face H situations and lose health
when caught by monsters or falling into H traps!
Make an escape by all means!

- Collect Semen To Exchange For Items
She gets an internal cumshot when r*ped by a monster.
But the semen can be used for getting useful items.

- Base
You can check the mission, choose a stage to go and
get items in exchange for collected semen etc. here.




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