[Japanese] [180103][ゆにっとちーず] ニルハナ [RJ215260]


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Feb 14, 2015


Title: ニルハナ
Company: ゆにっとちーず
Release: 2018/01/03
Language: Japanese
Censorship: CEN
Info: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ215260.html

* Story
Is this a dream? A Phantom? Or the reality beyond them?
Is a flower with no blooming sinful?

"I would be glad if you took a undercover mission into
a certain care home and reveal its hidden side."

The protagonist Tatsuya is asked such thing by a girl
who he met during his trip.

"I know that you have such a warped sexual inclination. You love to see
other people's tragedy huh? If you undertake it you can see what you want to see."

In the care home, however, he soon finds that the situation is far worse than
he expected. Cheating owner, shady past and sexual intercourse of patient woman...
Tatsuya's mental condition gets rapidly depressed during the undercover mission.

After a while, the girl whispers:
"Would you like to fall down to a place that will never allow your pure mind return...?"

Will Tatsuya be able to escape from the home with healthy mental condition?

* Selling Points
- Dense Story Span with Warped Minds and Sensuality
A number of immoral sexual deeds take place in a suspicious mansion.
Detailed depictions of lewd things that girls are immersed in.

- Various Sexual Expressions Come with Full Voice
Incest sex, tickling play with wetting, fist f*ck, hymen penetration with an iron pipe...
Enjoy distorted sex scenes with professional voice actresses' performance.

- Multi-Endings, Drastically Changing Story
The protagonist will face choices at important points in the story.
His fate is hinged on how he behaves.

Male and female characters are all fully voiced.
You can turn on / off each character's voice
CG mode / Scene gallery / Music gallery are loaded.
30 CGs total (+ variations)


ESG-006252.rar (926.39 MB)

ESG-006252.rar - 926.4 MB

ESG-006252.rar - 926.4 MB


For reupload/request please post in profile page or my discord channel. I'm not read inbox message.
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