[Japanese] [171231][セイバーフィッシュ] 本番有り! 人妻デリバリーR ~どこかで見た美人妻たちと~ [RJ215287]


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Feb 14, 2015
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  • Honban Ari! Hitozuma Delivery R ~Dokoka de Mita Bijin Tsuma-tachi to~ Download Edition

    Title: 本番有り! 人妻デリバリーR ~どこかで見た美人妻たちと~ DL版
    Company: セイバーフィッシュ
    Release: 2017/12/31
    Language: Japanese
    Censorship: CEN
  • Info: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ215287.html

    - Story -
    "Sigh... I can't believe I'll soon become a working adult..."

    Having finished eating dinner at a family restaurant, I sighed deeply.
    The company I will enroll is not that big, famous and well-paying.
    To be honest, I couldn't say that the company should be an exciting place.

    While I was a student I spent all the time in job hunting and part-time jobs,
    resulting in missing chances to meet up girls to be my lover. But one thing
    I can be hopeful is that I have a fair amount of money. While feeling like
    I want to throw much money away for something fun, I recall
    that I was given a card on a crowded street.

    It says "Would you like to be serviced by well-experienced beautiful
    married women to get a pleasing moment?"... Oh, It's striking for me!?

    I don't know why but I am of a type being often favored especially by
    elder women. But it's not that I am seen as a man of love, rather it
    seems like they regard me like a boy. It makes a complex feeling...

    (But I yearn for the amorousness of elder women. I want to be
    given some H thing while being pampered...)

    Reading the phrase written on the card a number of times, I can't ignore
    that I expect something happens in the brothel, while still being half in doubt.
    With a little warning, I go to the URL written on the card on my smartphone.

    - System -
    Sexually frustrated married women and pleasing sex situations awaits you.
    Your uncontrollable desire is to be poured into their well matured bodies!
    This is a feast with eight characters + extra!

    The earlier work of Health Series "Wife Delivery -We Go All The Way!-"
    revives with an additional new work and voices!

    10 newly added CGs + 10 cut-ins, 18 from previous work = 38 total
    Over 700 variations total, 18 + 26 = Over 40 H scenes total
    Various situations of various married women are densely portrayed with a huge volume of variations!
    All women are fully voiced! + BGVs of moans, French kiss, fellatio, deep kiss and so forth!
    The game also employs hands-free, and replay mode in pursuit of "practical usability"!

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