[Hentai game] [160803] [ディーゼルマイン] お嬢様催眠~高貴な少女たちを好きなだけ調教しよう~ [H-Game]


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Oct 18, 2010

Remember: Keep seeding after the download ^^

baka girlcelly - NemuAndHaruka Happy download ^_^

girlcelly said:

PS 1: Direct Links for this game could be found at here: :)

PS 2: If you have problem about my torrents, make sure to check and read this thread for solutions before asking same questions ! ^^

http://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/torrents-47/[Question & Answer]-24181/

PS 3: Um...I just start my blog for posting new releases, requests, random uploads and more in the future ^_^



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VNR or ITH can't find the h-code.... anyone knows which is please? Seems it use multiple codes and keep changing between them >_>
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It should be able to work properly now. Just enable the option of keeping all text threads in the game's VNR text settings. Oh and remember to update the shared dictionary. I just added a couple of small regex to remove garbage texts and unneeded translations. Although there are some unavoidable occasions where VNR is unable to detect some lines (especially very short ones) even with those settings, they are extremely rare anyways.
does anyone have a walkthrough or something for this game? somehow i cant get the last page of scenes.. just when i was about to giveup i found the answer >_< #2 choice -> #3 .. and what do you mean keeping previous texts? could you elaborate pls? (for your fellow player who couldnt translate as well) thanks!!!
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I have the latest version of ITHVNR and it doesn't work. What did you do? Also can't find save data. I need to do a fresh install. The udpate patch isn't working.
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hi was there an additional patch for this game? I seem to hook this up with ITHVNR? Can anybody help me like is there a text hook or some special thing I need to do?

Reason I asked for a patch is that it seems that other threads has comments about it but I can't find it anywhere.

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