[Japanese] [151009][ONEONE1] ディストピアの略奪者 ―The weakest go to the wall― DL版 Ver1.02 [RJ163833]


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Feb 14, 2015
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  • Marauder of Dystopia: The weakest go to the wall

    Title: ディストピアの略奪者 ―The weakest go to the wall―
    Company: ONEONE1
    Release: 2015/10/09
    Language: Japanese
    Censorship: CEN
  • Info: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ163833.html/?locale=ja_JP

    Artwork 70 base works = 36 main (over 550 variations) + 24 H battle animations + 10 battle & action animations

    [Multiple Story Paths]
    Depending on your approach, you can complete the game as a virgin!
    Will you defy the Imperials or join them for the sake of your beloved?
    The player decides.

    * Certain dungeons and events are only available to the Imperial or Anti-Imperial path.

    [In-Game Progress Help + PDF Walkthrough]
    Find out where to go next in a mission on the status screen.
    Use the PDF flowchart to optimize your playthrough! (This is also included in the trial.)

    [An Original Game]
    Play through a multi-ending story with 5 possible endings.
    Revel in twice (2X) the H anime and cutscenes of previous ONEONE1 games.
    Experience a tale of merciless cuckoldry.

    [Easy To Play System]
    Toggle voice and volume on/off, skip scenes, quick speed (CTRL key),
    change difficulty, go to auto mode (A key), access the backlog (Q key),
    toggle H anime during battles on/off, jump past already-viewed H scenes,
    watch them in standard or high speed, or skip them entirely.

    Diverse scenes include
    ... anal defloration
    ... deflowering by slime
    ... whore house interview
    ... pole dancing in exotic swimwear
    ... sex in the slums
    ... VIP service in the brothel
    ... tentacle r*pe
    ... regret and despair
    ... assaulted before an audience
    ... machine punishment
    ... drug orgy
    ... pissing
    ... video letter of shame to ex-lover
    and more, from sweet romance to bitter hardcore

    [Sexual Harassment From NPCs]
    Non-playable town characters offer H beyond the battles.
    The lewder your heroine, the more confidently NPCs will act toward her.
    Watch out, they may attack in certain cases!

    * Visit ONONE1's official site for more details

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