[Japanese] [141024][Inohead Studio] 爆乳ママ孕ませ寝取り ~極悪少年のママビッチ化計画~


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Feb 14, 2015

Bakunyuu Mama Haramase Netori ~Gokuaku Shounen no Mama Bitch-ka Keikaku~


Title: 爆乳ママ孕ませ寝取り ~極悪少年のママビッチ化計画~
Company: Inohead Studio
Release: 2014/10/24
Language: Japanese
Censorship: CEN

The protagonist pretends to be an innocent kid all along, but in reality he's been fucking countless female students and teachers on campus silly!

It's the first day of the new school year in spring. The protagonist goes to visit his friend's, Misao Hijiri's, house. Inside of the house, he spots Hijiri's mom. Her giant, voluptuous breasts and banging body make him seriously horny.

Obviously, he thinks about making a move on her, but the consideration that it is his friend's mom keeps his urges in control.

However, the next day, the roles are reversed: Hijiri comes visit the protagonists house, falling in love with his mom and her own banging bombshell of a body. The cute boy's honest feelings are a flattery to her and she doesn't dislike it.

The protagonist is furious and devises a plan: "I'll take my mom back and snatch Hijiri's away on top!"

Both big-titted ladies fell for his scheme and are exposed to the protagonists kinky revenge. They'll be put through the following kinks rising in intensity:

- sexual training
- torture by sex toys
- shooting sex tapes
- squirting
- urination
- outdoor, exhibitionist sex
- countless intravaginal ejaculations
- impregnation
- pavlovian slut conditioning

And lastly, Hijiri will also not go unscathed – in this revenge kink designed to toy with his heart.






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