[English] [140621][ONEONE1] ビッチポリス ―BITCH POLICE― Ver.1.01a [English][RJ135885]


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Feb 14, 2015



Title: ビッチポリス ―BITCH POLICE―
Company: ONEONE1
Release: 2014/06/21
Language: English
Censorship: CEN


By fan request, the sexual harassment has been cranked up to dizzying heights!!

BITCH POLICE puts you in control of Walled Police rookie Mika Karuna,
an enforcer of law in a kingdom that has next to none, whose tits and ass
are under constant siege by molesty citizens.
She protects the peace by humping human-mimicking enemies called Others,
drops and sucks the d*cks of virgins... she can even get pregnant and give
birth in towns or outside castles! Her p*ssy is amazing. As she masters
the special vaginal technique called the MANKO SAMBO, she's proving
to have what it takes to be the next ruler of the Walled Kingdom...

* Built-in side view H ANIME BATTLE
Some monsters will trigger animated sex scenes smoothly animated just like Bitch Dancer's Quest.

* SKIP scenes and toggle VOICE on or off
Just press the Ctrl key to skip scenes, and you can opt for no voices if that's your thing.

* LEVEL UP even when you ose
No game over! Make progress whether you win or lose, a feature that's great for beginners
and completionists alike. Feel free to experiment and grow stronger with every choice.

* PROSTITUTION with story consequences
You can do undercover whoring to learn information, get money or just enjoy the sex,
and which choices you make can affect the route.

* MANKO SAMBO vaginal training, NEW GAME PLUS, CG and SCENE modes, and more!

ONEONE1 has packed BITCH POLICE with plenty of features you know and love.
Dive into rich gameplay just like our last RPG, Bitch Dancer's Quest,
and enjoy the biggest scenario yet.

The Walled Kingdom.
A decadent country fortified against the outside world.

Decades ago a man named Magma erected the wall
to protect the kingdom from all outside influence.
Like a modern day Sodom, everything was allowed, whores, drugs, public nudity...
So long as people kept it in the kingdom, it was approved.
This decadence led to a rapid decline in values. Without laws,
the country began to crumble.

Declaring a state of emergency, the government created
the Walled Police to regulate behavior and establish new order.
Their mission was to suppress bad behavior by any means.
They would take back the country one debauched act at a time.

This was a big challenge, and not the only one...

In spite of the wall, mysterious monsters were beginning
to appear throughout the kingdom. These "Others" attacked
humans, took human form, and committed crimes.

And so we come to Mika Karuna.

A newly recruited member of the walled police,
Mika has an amazing p*ssy strong enough to subdue anyone.
She's a rookie, but already proving that she has
what it takes to be the next ruler of the Walled Kingdom.
For you see, there are no elections here. Amid the lawless
debauchery, political ideology is vastly simplified.
There is a tournament... Whoever wins, rules.





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