[Hentai game] [131129] [Digital Cute] オトメスイッチ -OtomeSwitch- ~彼が持ってる彼女のリモコン~ 初回限定版 + Bonus + Update 1.1 [H-Game]


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Oct 18, 2010

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baka girlcelly - NemuAndHaruka Happy download ^_^

girlcelly said:

PS 1: Direct Links for this game could be found at here: :)


PS 2: If you have problem about my torrents, make sure to check and read this thread for solutions before asking same questions ! ^^

http://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/torrents-47/[Question & Answer]-24181/

Oops...My apology, my utorrent was crashed, it made torrent file unable to check content, so I must create new torrent, also added Bonus and Update 1.1, you guys should remove old and add new one ^^

Edit: Finish Seeding ^_^
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Re: [131129] [Digital Cute] オトメスイッチ -OtomeSwitch- ~彼が持ってる彼女のリモコン~ 初回限定版 [H-Game]

gimme that damn switch :D
get more inf at this link http://vndb.org/v12601

Otome Switch ~Kare ga Motteru Kanojo no Remocon~

Haruki is a normal guy with normal grades and looks, a twin sister and of course still a virgin. However, one thing that set him apart from others is his vibrator fetish. Of course, it’s not something that he would tell others, so he has kept it a secret for over 10 years. At his school, there are two girls out of his league: the beautiful and smart honor student Fumika who is respected by all, and the cute and lively Natsuya, who most guys want as their girlfriend. For some reason, they have vibrators under their panties and the remotes are in his hands!? Moreover, it wasn’t just to satisfy his fetish, but it’s also the key to solving the girls’ problems? [from Hau~ Omochikaeri!]
force closes, saying CSurface::"BG/bg901_(Japanese Symbols)2.jpg file not found. Anyone knows how to fix this? tried uninstalling then reinstall but still the same problem..
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Thanks for the Game
patch 1.16 already out....
and Need new Hook Code :
-with Patch 1.13
-For 1.16 only

Credit for Andys from HF , i'm not the one who create those Hook code
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This game draw something like 450watts from the power ac outlet, for comparison Crysis3 draw 500w and i played it in UHD resolution;
So i tried to lower cpu the clock to half, and gpu clock to 2d mode and the game became really sluggish (thorought the problem is cpu related).
This is an example of bad programming.

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