[Hentai game] [130426] [エウシュリー] 魔導巧殻 ~闇の月女神は導国で詠う~ + Tokuten + Manual [H-Game]

could i get sum help with the installation?

whenever i attempt to install, it comes up with an error telling me 2 insert disc 1(?)

That super.rar saves somehow gave me this:
Is there a fix to it`?
had to close the game...Is there no other saves around, that gives max values?
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Hmm... do anyone has the link for English Interface Patch that was released in Hongfire?
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Hi, I'm kind of a noob when installing japanese stuff. When I try to launch the auto-run with applocale and trying to install it, I get this error message.Sans titre.jpg
Hi I know I'm kinda late but can anyone reupload tokuten and hongfire interface patch since hf is gone (weird I can still access them last year).

I am currently doing a playthrough to all of Eushully's old titles, just finished Soukoku no Arterial with a rare nekoHen patch I found on the street because their official site is gone. It's so hard to look for ancient resource with many dead translation team :(.

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