[Hentai game] [090918] [Aries] ANGEL NAVIGATE(エンジェルナビゲート) 初回限定版 + Update 1.02 [No DVD Patch is included] [Request] [H-Game]


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Oct 18, 2010

Remember: Keep seeding after the download ^^

baka girlcelly - NemuAndHaruka Happy download ^_^

girlcelly said:

PS 1: Direct Links for this game could be found at here: :)


PS 2: If you have problem about my torrents, make sure to check and read this thread for solutions before asking same questions ! ^^

http://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/torrents-47/[Question & Answer]-24181/

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I need some help in the process of installing. the DVD patch doesn't seem to work. I tried patching the game up to 2 but the message is still the same. Anyways it would be much easier if I just show the picture..

RE:Nevermind. Apparently my resolution settings were wrong and that's why I can't start it. I should have read the troubleshooting guide in Readme.html before posting. Thank you for this game, girlcelly.
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This game's so fucking nice! Goddamn it, if you didn't post this game, girlcelly I won't know what I'm missing. Excuse me for using those words. I'm trying it again right now. Already finished Hinako's route and now starting with Shion's. Good job, lads. Cheers! :D

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Hello Shine, could you please update ナイトメアナイト~聖なる騎士と堕欲の魔術~ to 2.01?

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Need help, please re-upload this Hentai OVA if possible! Thanks you!
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