[Japanese] [090430][パルテノン] 愛玩隷嬢-淫虐のコントラクト- [RJ048857]


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Feb 14, 2015

Aigan Reijou -Ingyaku no Contract-

Title: 愛玩隷嬢-淫虐のコントラクト-
Company: パルテノン
Release: 2009/04/22
Language: Japanese
Censorship: CEN
Info: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ048857.html

I, Koji Inada is a son of ITU (Inada Technical United), no.3 company in the industry.
Hibiki is a girl whose father owns a company that is no.1 in the industry.
Few years ago, I was dumped by Hibiki. Since then, I was always looking for a chance to bring out my revenge.

The chance has arrived suddenly.
The world economy has collapsed, and her father's company went into bankruptcy.
I now got a chance to humiliate Hibiki, with an aid of Himuro-sensei.

Player takes rule of Koji Inada, and humiliate Hibiki with various methods.
Hibiki is violated by multiple people such as the main character, classmates, laid off temporary workers, and father.


ESG-006204.rar (303.93 MB)

ESG-006204.rar - 303.9 MB

ESG-006204.rar - 303.9 MB


For reupload/request please post in profile page or my discord channel. I'm not read inbox message.

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