[Ongoing] 七瀬くんはウブじゃない。第01巻 [Nanase Kun Ha Ubu Janai. vol 01]


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Oct 14, 2018

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Title: 七瀬くんはウブじゃない。第01巻 [Nanase Kun Ha Ubu Janai. vol 01]
Other title: 七瀬くんはウブじゃない。第01巻 [Nanase Kun Ha Ubu Janai. vol 01]
Status: Ongoing
Language: JP
Des: A good-looking junior is a salt-of-the-earth guy...but he's a sweet aggressive guy!Hazuki (26) works at an apparel company. She loves her job, but her complex is that she doesn't know anything about love. She is getting discouraged by the salty attitude of the new employee, Nanase-kun, but an unexpected turn of events is waiting for her...! I'm going to start "not-so-subtle adult love" with a younger guy who is unexpectedly aggressive and handsome

Nanase-kun_wa_Ubu_Janai._v01.rar: rapidgator.net | mexa.sh | kingdomfiles.com | fikper.com | katfile.com | turbobit.net
Nanase Kun Ha Ubu Janai v01.rar: rapidgator.net | mexa.sh | kingdomfiles.com | katfile.com | turbobit.net

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