[Japanese] [あるみかん] レミリア觸手

Hi, UFO, Thanks for sharing this!
I only have all the loop ver. this is the only complete uncensored ver. I can find from Internet. Could you share his other products?
UFO, also wanna ask for same author, あるみかん/aluminumcanred san's other products,
  1. レミリア触手01 loop ver. 1080p, I only found 720p (https://fantia.jp/posts/565450).
  2. 水着マミさんとえっち full ver. (fantia.jp/products/82780),
  3. レミリアイラマ full ver. (fantia.jp/products/20828),
  4. マミさんとH full ver. (fantia.jp/products/18179).
Do you also have these?I have found 2-4 loop ver. -> aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZvbGRlci9CRHgySEE3SiNERm1FeXRrZjFFOVRrR2VHQUwxQVln (base64) from his fantia/ci-en.dlsite.
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Title: [あるみかん] レミリア觸手
Studio: あるみかん
Size: 296MB

This file has レミリア觸手01, 02 full ver. but there's no 03.
Do you have レミリア觸手03?
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