[PV] 【Webstream】240617 366 Days ep11 (Neru Nagahama, Ayane Suzuki) Finale


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Mar 19, 2015


240617 366 Days ep11 (Neru Nagahama, Ayane Suzuki) Finale.mp4
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"Rather than thinking about what you should do, maybe it's better to think about what you want to do." With these words from Ikezawa Yuri (Wakui Emi) in her heart, Yukihira Asuka (Hirose Alice) confesses to Mizuno Haruto (Maeda Gordon) who is about to be transferred to Osaka. However, Haruto does not accept her. Heartbroken, Yoshihata Kazuki (Tsuna Hironaga) comes to see Asuka. Asuka tells him that she confessed to Haruto but he rejected her, Kazuki tells her that he loves her.

Around that time, Miyabe Sae (Natsuko) comes to Haruto's apartment as he prepares to move to Osaka. Haruto says that the transfer to Osaka will be a fresh start, and Sae asks him what he really thinks. Furthermore, Sae asks if his memory has returned, but Haruto remains silent. Sae advises him to tell Yuri.

Meanwhile, Asuka continues to prepare for the upcoming charity concert. The music school's director, Yamaura Hisanori (Akapen Takigawa), kindly watches over Asuka, who is full of life even as she is busy with preparations.

One day, as Haruto is about to be transferred to Osaka, he meets Sae. There, Sae confesses her feelings for Haruto... Meanwhile, Asuka is helping with the wedding preparations for Shimoda Riko (Nagahama Neru), who is to marry Ogawa Tomoya (Bando Ryuta). Then, in Asuka's group LINE, Haruto calls the group together, saying, "There's something I want to talk to you about." Asuka is shaken. She reveals to Riko, who doesn't know anything, that Haruto dumped her. But still, Asuka gathers with Haruto, Tomoya, Riko, and Kazuki at a restaurant...



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