[Hentai game] ★ 自炊 Own Bought Game ★ [140725][ensemble SWEET] 彼女はエッチで淫らなヘンタイ [2.22G]


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Sep 22, 2011

Brand:ensemble SWEET
Product Price:¥8,800 (Inc-Tax ¥9,504)
Release Date:2014/07/25
CG Artist:空維深夜、観音王子、蟹屋しく
Scenario Writer:有巻洋太、若葉祥慶、電波太郎
BGM Artist:ミリオンバンブー
Game Provider:Bought by 2DJGAME, Please do not re-upload!


Click to download the torrent file

Direct Download: http://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/...t]-彼女はエッチで淫らなヘンタイ-[2-22g]-240298/#post1612246
Complete CG Download: http://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/...彼女はエッチで淫らなヘンタイ-[199m-jpg]-240150/#post1611466
There are THREE DLCs for this game (download page, download serial code required: http://www.ensemble-sweet.com/hentai/download.html ):

1. I found the links for this:

2. But I can't find the file name for this (OP, please share this, thanks!):

3. This won't be available for download until 1st August Update - It has now been released:

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Added the official mirrors for the harem patch released today in my post above. It's a little bit tricky to discover the file name this time, as the format is inconsistent with the previous patch's.

Edit - Unlike the previous patch, this "patch" is actually an independent game that can be played separately without the main game.
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Is it also the reason why graphic and scene replay can't be played?
Correct (that particular small game does not provide that function). Well, it's very short (and have only one scene) anyways, so they probably think that it's not worth the effort to create the replay pages just for those several CGs and that one scene.

And this is not the first time they (WillPlus, the company behind the brand) make small standalone "patches" behave like this (examples here and here).
Well. torren doesn't work? Can someone reupload? Thanks

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