guessing game

  1. Hideki

    Pass the bomb.... [FUN] xD

    Rules: here you should simply say another members name at the same time you have a look on the bombs timer. When the timer reaches 0 its the player that lost who decides timer stats (between 23-64) should be good... so just keep the bomb bouncing between members and go!!! Bombs fuse this time:
  2. corocoro

    Guess the Screenshot!

    Rules are simple: Whoever guesses the screenshot wins and posts the next one up. Try to make it not to obscure and if no one can guess it - give hints. ;) Here's something to start you off: Since it's just an eye you'll get a hint: It's from this season. :P
  3. Neo-Exile

    ~Between your legs (no dirty thoughts!! xP)

    How to play: *insert a movie title here* Between Your Legs i.e. Piranha Between Your Legs Starto!
  4. corocoro

    Who Will Post Next?

    You just say who posts next and if you get it right you win a cookie. :p My guess would be that the next person will be Ignis, but let's see how it goes. :D