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  1. Neo-Exile

    Discuss the impacts of this upcoming law in Japan in October

    Yup. Even the world acknowledge his work. He even became a candidate for Jakarta's Mayor election in 11th July. A lot of people are rooting for him, that much I know. Bureaucracy, eh...? :/
  2. Neo-Exile

    what type of music do you listen to?

    Humm, let's see. My main kind of music is instrumental, a.k.a no vocals included. There's exception, of course, but I still mainly listen to instrumental songs. Then, country of origin... Japan. Yup, I don't know why or how exactly, but Japanese music always has its own special place in my...
  3. Neo-Exile

    Discuss the impacts of this upcoming law in Japan in October

    This guy might be the one you're looking for. I cried when I read his biography. So there's still a clean "politician" in this filthy, corrupted world!
  4. Neo-Exile

    Rapid Gator? File Factory? Those file hosts are too weak...

    I am very much eager to second this. Ever since the feds killed MU, there's been total massacre of both files and users everywhere--RapidShare, HotFile, and [insert popular filehosts around that time]. Heck, even FileSonic disabled their file sharing service and mutated into a cloud storage...
  5. Neo-Exile

    Discuss the impacts of this upcoming law in Japan in October

    Yo, can I take a break from all these copyright sh*tships that's been happening all over in 2012? I'm freaking tired of this, even if it's from Japan and only applies to Japanese people. This is even more inhumane than SOPA and PIPA for some extent... ...I mean, backing up your...
  6. Neo-Exile

    Living in Japan as a (Young) Expat

    Yo there Uninstall, Though I've known some of this facts, your post seem to have strengthened the points of fact a lot. Sometime in the past I wonder why watching anime, especially slice of lifes, can be an exhilarating experience. Then at a point I kinda snapped out of it and thought, "No way...
  7. Neo-Exile

    Your top 10 favorite countries in the world!

    I'll be honest... I find it amusing that Indonesia manages to sit on your list among those first and second world countries .-. And Ironically enough, I myself am Indonesian. Yet, I'm the one to be taken by surprise o_o Oh well, there's mine, in no particular order as well; -Indonesia - Home...
  8. Neo-Exile

    Where to run ?

    Welp, can't get 'em all, you might mean '_' To the thread, though, I don't believe sites those large would come down that easily, even from a critical hit from the cops. I'll cross my fingers for now and hope that they have some 'grand backup plan' in case sh*t is really happening...
  9. Neo-Exile

    Where to run ?

    You'd then also have no internet. Have you ever tried using Google Earth and simulate viewing North Korea on nighttime? It's black, I tell you. It's freaking black. I mean there's even no electricity in there...
  10. Neo-Exile

    What is your name?

    ...I've learned my lesson not to share my real name on the net, but I'll, at least, leave a clue. It's a Javanese word, which holds the meaning of "shooting star."
  11. Neo-Exile

    Touhou mania

    I don't think it's an obsession... (unless those circles are a dedicated danmaku player, of course) It might be just fun for the circles to 'fill in the blanks' on the characters. I mean think about it; 13 installments and a whopping 123 characters! There's no way you can go in-depth with even...
  12. Neo-Exile


    Correct me if I'm wrong, but apparently... those games gives some influences to your mind, no? Especially after knowing that you play visual novels, too. Try this, since I've once had the same "problem" as yours. Put simply, you must be able to separate feelings you've got from those games from...
  13. Neo-Exile

    How old is too old? :)

    Age doesn't matter. ...While the above answer's very generic, the truth value it holds are full to the dot. Firstly, when we want to get a lover, we think about what we want, not who we want. Do I want a caring, motherlike partner because I, say, had a miserable childhood? I'll probably look...
  14. Neo-Exile

    Being OCD About Sorting Music

    Nah, I'm content with the way it is now tyvm :) I simply memorize each of their location. Of course, sometimes I do forget where I put a track and end up searching "*.mp3" like mad. Still, remembering works pretty fine for me. At least, it works better than having one huge clot of music in a...
  15. Neo-Exile

    Being OCD About Sorting Music

    I... let my music scatter everywhere on every section on my hard drive. One could be right on the directory of D, the other might be nested 5 folders in or beyond. ...There's even some on drive C, in case you're interested. In the Program Files, even. Yeah I live a scatterbrained life, but at...
  16. Neo-Exile

    What voomxx is about?

    Looks like an ordinary gallery site to me... only a bit fancier. I still prefer Gelbooru~ PS. LOL at the tagline xD
  17. Neo-Exile

    I'm almost starting to root for ACTA

    On the reply of the topic; I partially agree with your view on the practice, but think about it again; say, if you bought a 5GB game, the people knew that you have it, and then asked--no, demand you to share it on the net, ignoring the fact that you have slow upload rate... would you do it? The...
  18. Neo-Exile

    I Hate Prophecies.

    Of course not; instead this is pretty much the beginning of everything. That being said and well, I think I'm gonna grab my Ion Cannon... just a precaution O_o I'd say... this is the terrible Year of The Dragon :/ Oh, the drama...
  19. Neo-Exile

    I Hate Prophecies.

    Especially when it is true. Think about it. About two years ago, we heard this "Mayan Calendar Issue" spreading over the world like a wildfire. It said (or at least interpreted to be) that the world will 'end' in 2012, where the calendar starts to trail off. What happened back then? Some truly...
  20. Neo-Exile

    Guns or Swords

    Swords, because there's Gunblade. Plox.