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  1. dawnotaku

    Happy B'day Infa (and to other people, where it had already...)^_^!

    Happy belated birthday Infamous; Blueblue :runhappy: sorry but I can only appear after my final exam :sigh:
  2. dawnotaku

    Happy B'day Checky (Checkmate)^_^!

    Happy belated birthday~Checkmate-san! :korokke_bday:
  3. dawnotaku

    Happy mad B'day Kyoudai (MadSova)^_^

    Happy belated birthday~ /me prepares mad tea :goodtea:
  4. dawnotaku

    Happy New Year, 2017^_^!!!

    Happy New Year everyone who means a lot to me! Wish every member here healthy and happy :) /me lights fireworks up:fulfilled:
  5. dawnotaku

    Happy B'day Coro (Corocoro)^_^!

    Happy birthday corocoro-san! :boys_present:
  6. dawnotaku

    Happy B'day Decal (Decalcomania)!!! (Last part)

    Happy birthday Decal-san! :alice_waai:
  7. dawnotaku

    Happy B'day TKos (T-elos)!!! (Part 1)

    Happy birthday Telos-san!:lapi_present: Enjoy your day and have a great year ahead!
  8. dawnotaku

    Happy B'day Hide (Hideki)!!!

    Happy birthday again! :D
  9. dawnotaku

    Happy B'day my beloved dear, K-chan (|♚| KK |♚|)~!!!

    |♚| KK |♚|; nee-chan! gomen for the belated birthday wishes, couldn't online on your special day :deadsad: You're truly an amazing person, you're everything to me~ you mean a lot, nobody deserves better than you do! I love you, treasure you and will continue to cherish you! You can outshine...
  10. dawnotaku

    Happy Birthday Velenora!

    You too~ :nekopara_hug: I have a present? I'm sorry Vel-chan, didn't prepare a gift for you :mini_cry: nanashi1; Looks like we bought the same cake :goodtea:
  11. dawnotaku

    Happy Birthday Velenora!

    Vel-chan happy birthday! You deserve the best! Good luck on your studies~
  12. dawnotaku

    Your birthday comes around again, dearest ojou sama~

    renano; -chan! Happy birthday! Wish you have a great year ahead! :alice_happy:
  13. dawnotaku

    Happy B'day Raly (Ralium)!!!

    Ralium; Happy birthday! :evillaugh:
  14. dawnotaku

    Happy B'day Shin (Shinseph)

    Shinnnnn Happy birthday! Gomen for it's belated wishes!
  15. dawnotaku

    Happy Birthday Dawn-chan! <3

    Valefors; You're late XD but thanks, it's better late than never XD hahahaha the unlimited supplies of magic cakes XD |♚| KK |♚|; I love you dearie <3 /me surprises glomp :nekopara_hug:
  16. dawnotaku

    Happy Birthday Dawn-chan! <3

    Thank you dear ana :nyanmusu_happy:
  17. dawnotaku

    Happy Birthday Jezebel! ♥

    Happy birthday Jezz-senpai!
  18. dawnotaku

    Happy Birthday Dawn-chan! <3

    Thank you Utaツ; ^_^ :korokke_thanks:
  19. dawnotaku

    Happy Birthday Dawn-chan! <3

    Cake chasing party /me runs away with the cake :runhappy: