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  1. Neo-Exile

    [LPW #65] Ehh~!? Why do I have to?? Okay Fine!!!

    Oh goddammit, shame on me... it's you! xD and LOL First Gen... hell yes, I like the sounding of it~ I guess I'm the only First Gen that hasn't improved a lot, huh? :P Thanks, nanashi :3 and I'm done sketching btw... it took me a lot more time than I'd expected... ~_~
  2. Neo-Exile

    [LPW #65] Ehh~!? Why do I have to?? Okay Fine!!!

    Well I guess you could say that, nanashi1. It's been a while since I last came here... a few months, I think... Ah, hello there KingArturia :3 umm I think I remember you, but not that well ^^; you're a resident of LPW I presume? And I'm not really "away" by the way, I'm just indulging myself...
  3. Neo-Exile

    [LPW #65] Ehh~!? Why do I have to?? Okay Fine!!!

    Hello, good morning. Pardon this unknown rolling member. I'm just, y'know, rolling~ :3
  4. Neo-Exile

    1000 Post Club- Let The Spamming Commence

    Another LPW thread?
  5. Neo-Exile

    What makes you come back to a forum?

    The people, the layout, stuff to be discovered, *secrets* to be discovered... ...Especially the latter :P
  6. Neo-Exile

    What to do when bored?

    Sleep! Then go Bat Mode at night :D
  7. Neo-Exile

    What's the last thing you do before bed?

    Late night gaming session: Play Dungeon Raid without sound, with a nice tune of CROW'SCLAW running in the background. Classic *_*
  8. Neo-Exile

    What game are you playing now?

    Fortune Summoners... completed it once and played it again for the hell of it~
  9. Neo-Exile

    My Random Muse

    Melancholic... well, maybe I'm one of those people who feel that way each time I recall a distant memories; I always go like "whoa, wasn't it just yesterday? Man, what happened? Did time just evaporated?" The further I step into age, the more wider my eyes opened. Social problems, reasons as to...
  10. Neo-Exile

    To troll, To be trolled, or a Troll O_O?

    I prefer to troll /smack'd :punched: :P May or may not be unrelated:
  11. Neo-Exile

    My Random Muse

    I was gonna post this thread in the General Talk section... but considering its... content, I decided to post this here instead :P wether this thread will be seen or not is up to the spamgods... especially Sam, who once excavated my thread xD oh well, I'll be counting on you, Sam :P So today, I...
  12. Neo-Exile

    What are you downloading right now?

    A bunch of CROW'SCLAW albums, Osananajimi wa Daitoryou OST, Another bunch of Vocaloid albums, A bunch of manga for offline reading. ...Huh? ...Er, yeah. All at once... ._.
  13. Neo-Exile

    What are You Listening to right Now?

    Sooo eargasmic...!!
  14. Neo-Exile

    What do you want to experience before you die?

    -Go to Tokyo, Japan, and experience all the bizarre things known to man firsthand, -Develop an RPG game, one that is up to par with titles like Mana Khemia, Atelier Iris, and Ar Tonelico, -See the US collapse, or at least see them repent for their arrogance up 'til now. No offense, Americans :P...
  15. Neo-Exile

    So, the Anime-Sharing forum is powered by...

    Yup... maybe you have a knack to be an archeologist? xD I mean my thread is practically six feet under, and you dug it up :P Shady business eh? I wonder what Checkmate has in mind... hmmm :P As of now, don't notice 'nything strange 'nymore 'w' maybe we just have to look harder? ^.^ Kya...
  16. Neo-Exile

    So, the Anime-Sharing forum is powered by...

    Apparently it took everyone long enough to realize it... LOL xD the spam wave is indeed fierce; a mere trivial thread like mine can do nothing to compete against it ;P Loli trading business...?? Ahem. I... want one too xD Hehee, I just randomly scrolled all the way to the bottom when I found...