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  1. sunflower

    HP D530 SFF PSU Problem + Epic FAIL

    I finally found the video my ex-boss told me about. But before I link the video, a little back history: Last year, I worked in a warehouse that either refurbished computer equipment or recycled them. During my tenure there, we worked with all types of PCs and a few Macs that did roll into the...
  2. sunflower

    Over power CPU + suck ball GPU? What the hell?

    Every time I shopped around for a decent pre-built gaming machine, I usually came across this kind of system configuration: take Compusa for example, they are having a discount for Acer and Nyx system for less than 1k, the CPU for both machine is i7, 8GB RAM, 1TB to 1.5 TB HDD sound good? yes...
  3. sunflower

    Building a New Computer ^^!

    I think it's about time I looked into getting myself a new computer. My current computer is a Dell Inspiron 530S. Vista 32 bit, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 2GB of RAM, standard Intel GMA 3100 graphics card. Even though she's over 4 years old, I've been taking very good care of her and she still...
  4. sunflower

    [NEWS]Here we go again~ Forget SOPA/PIPA... Meet CISPA :)

    I think this is incorrect information. I have not noticed any movement from the U.S.
  5. sunflower

    [NEWS]Here we go again~ Forget SOPA/PIPA... Meet CISPA :)

    you're right. All problems are rooted in money. That the small country must be imposed from National. I do not like Americans.
  6. sunflower

    [NEWS]Here we go again~ Forget SOPA/PIPA... Meet CISPA :)

    it never stops. It came back. Its goal is to destroy Deposite, mediafire .. etc.. This is an internet law killed
  7. sunflower

    [NEWS]Here we go again~ Forget SOPA/PIPA... Meet CISPA :)

    CISPA = Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011 Quoted directly from techdirt This is a really bad bill and it looks like it's going to pass unless people speak up.
  8. sunflower

    [News]FBI Official: Suspicionless Surveillance is Ineffective and Counterproductive

    This week a high-level FBI official made some welcome comments on the NYPD's spying on New York City's Muslim communities and organizations that mirror the ACLU's own position on the suspicionless surveillance. As you know, we at the ACLU we have long raised concerns about increasing levels of...