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  1. Eroge_Dude

    [Japanese] [Yamatogawa] TayuTayu/[大和川] たゆたゆ

    Can we please get a reup of these higher quality scans or at least a point in the right direction as to where they may be?
  2. Eroge_Dude

    [Japanese] [Shiwasu No Okina] Musume. No iru Fuuzoku Biru Genteiban in/ [師走の翁] 「娘。」のいる風俗ビル 限定版 in

    I can not find the Higher quality scan anywhere which is 168MB. Anyone know where to find this?
  3. Eroge_Dude

    Gundam coming back to the US! I can't wait honestly, love realistic Mecha and have been dying to own the gundam series for ages .
  4. Eroge_Dude

    Image Site Ripping tools? it is a fantastic image grabber, very easy and straightforward , lots of features, use version 3.5.0 I'm sure you will enjoy it just as much as me :)
  5. Eroge_Dude

    Anime styled videogames that are not spinoffs from a manga/anime

    Just like the title says, lets talk about videogames that are not spinoffs from a anime/manga series, be it a RPG/Fighter/VN/ Whatever. One that always springs to mind is the Tales RPG series, it has alot of anime/manga adaptations based on the games since they are just that damn good, very...
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    Visual Novel Cafe

    Any of you played Crescendo? man that was a emotional rollercoaster , still great in my book though .
  7. Eroge_Dude

    Visual Novel Cafe

    That makes me feel better :goodtea:
  8. Eroge_Dude

    Visual Novel Cafe

    Just started playing one of my old favorites again, Come See Me Tonight, been years since I played this last, hope its as good as I remember it .
  9. Eroge_Dude

    Ass vs Bewbs

    This is a tough one...........I say I need a perfect set of both , modest or small/flat chest and a small ass, I prefer my women petite.
  10. Eroge_Dude

    What manga are you currently reading?

    Just finished Witchcraft again, man Yamatogawa makes some of the most sexy art, really top notch.
  11. Eroge_Dude

    First anime you ever saw!

    If I remember right my first anime was Dominion Tank Police, man that blew my mind away back in the 80s/90s.
  12. Eroge_Dude

    My Favorite Word, Right This Minute, Is:

    Nakadashi! :lmao:
  13. Eroge_Dude

    Married, Single, or in a Relationship?

    Single, once I move I plan on changing that though, Hoping to find a girl with the same tastes as me.
  14. Eroge_Dude

    Who here is into Fighting Games and likes to spar online?

    Oh right, totally forgot about that. That sucks, mines pretty low end too but my videocard can run MBAACC just fine filtered even.
  15. Eroge_Dude

    Who here is into Fighting Games and likes to spar online?

    Why did you get forcefully retired? I'm pretty beast when using Nanaya Shiki :P
  16. Eroge_Dude

    Who here is into Fighting Games and likes to spar online?

    Uniel? Think you might be interested in Neogeo Fighters?
  17. Eroge_Dude

    Who here is into Fighting Games and likes to spar online?

    I love playing Classic Neogeo and CPS1/2/3 Fighters online in Supercade and would like to meet some new faces who like to have a little rumble every now and then. I'm not very good myself but I give it my all when I fight, talking through mumble while fighting is pretty fun too :) I have...
  18. Eroge_Dude

    This might sound a bit weird but....

    Is there a way to make friends quick on ASF that have the same interests as you? Getting kinda lonely not having any buddies to talk to about stuff and one of the main reasons I joined here, Seems like alot of nice people are here with just about the same interests as me unlike my other old...
  19. Eroge_Dude

    Visual Novel Cafe

    I try to stay away from reviews and such with RPGs and VNs, I HATE to get anything spoiled for me.......... On another note do any of you guys cry when playing a visual novel? I hope I'm not the only one that does..........
  20. Eroge_Dude

    What is your fetish?

    Oh man, I feel like I found my home away from home here.............well here goes, Loli Glasses Cute hairstyles multicolored hair Colorful hair Cute & Sexy Milfs Android/Demi-Human beautiful colored eyes Teachers Schoolgirls Kimonos China Dresses Bunny suits (Do you like Horny Bunnies comes...