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  1. alexsdu

    Latest Thought~

    Kinda feel nostalgic at the moment
  2. alexsdu

    Weather !

    Time: 8:45 GMT+8 It's bright sunny morning. Ain't my cup of tea kind of weather. I prefer dark gloomy morning to match with my morning mood.
  3. alexsdu

    Count to a million

    179039 :yelcard:
  4. alexsdu

    Count the million back...~

    955615 :miku_peek:
  5. alexsdu

    Keep One, Drop One

    Over There~~~!
  6. alexsdu

    What are You Listening to right Now?

  7. alexsdu

    last letter first letter

  8. alexsdu

    Pass the bomb.... [FUN] xD

    3.00 .
  9. alexsdu

    I'm BACK~~~

    Hello boys. I'M BACK~~~~!
  10. alexsdu

    I'm BACK~~~

    Thank you. I forgot how to check when I join the group. I was check on my oldest post in here. Anyway, I wish good luck on dethroning Ghost Kitty as a top poster. Oh man, can't believe this forum has been around over a decade ago.
  11. alexsdu

    I'm BACK~~~

    Hey AS. AlexSDU here. Joined the community in 2012, back when it was called Anime Sharing Forum. Been away from this communities since 2016, I think. How's everyone? Anyone from the original members still here? I wonder if they still remember me? How is my old 'rival' samyeung46? Still around...
  12. alexsdu

    The Middle Letter Game

    Nurture FAP!! FAP!! FAP!!
  13. alexsdu

    Keep One, Drop One

    Immune System
  14. alexsdu

    What kind of stuff do you like?

    Watching ships explodes. Preferable the enemy's ships. I'm currently hooked to World of Warships. Look for me in WoWS Asia Server, my callsign is alexsdu.
  15. alexsdu

    What kind of stuff do you dislike?

    Torrent files have low/no seeders.
  16. alexsdu

    What to do when bored?

    When I'm bored... FAP!! FAP!! FAP!! FAP!! FAP!! Live action porns tend to make me sleepy. Dunno why. But hentai is OK for me.
  17. alexsdu

    Your IRL pictures! Like your spamming\posting HQ's LAIR

    Oh no! The humanity~~~! I know how you feel.
  18. alexsdu

    Count to a million

    156621 ~equal to the power needed~ *wave back at sam* I know. I'm just... passing by.
  19. alexsdu

    The Middle Letter Game

    Tenacious FAP!! FAP!! FAP!!