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  1. [REQ] HHH - Mawaru Penguindrum Character Song Album

    [REQ] HHH - Mawaru Penguindrum Character Song Album

    Original name: 輪るピングドラム キャラクターソングアルバム 「HHH」 Artists: Triple H (Miyake Marie, Watanabe Yui, Arakawa Miho) Release date: 21 December, 2011 Published by: King Records Catalogue number: KICA-3168 Mostly interested in the song, "Rock over Japan". Thank you in advance!
  2. Fincher

    Spinning down my anime posting

    You did well cocoro
  3. Fincher

    Tell me the Name of that Hentai

    Hi not sure if that belongs here Searching content with Ready for it stances (movie, doujin, game), picture related Note it serves illustrative purposes. I do not need the name of Hentai on it, but Hentais like in this image
  4. [Req] Queen's Blade Rebellion Opening Inochi no Uta ga Kikoeru

    [Req] Queen's Blade Rebellion Opening Inochi no Uta ga Kikoeru

    There it is low quality
  5. Fincher

    [Japanese] [DDL] Summer/Cross/School Days Hentai Scenes スクールデイズ クロスデイズ サマーデイズ ALL IN ONE THREAD

    Thanks for your hard work. Any chance we will see Strip Battle Days 1&2 as well?
  6. Fincher

    [150327] [Front Wing] ゆきこいめると

    Links down. so sad
  7. Fincher

    (non-JP) My Life Me

    Hola Anime Sharers. Not sure if this Series qualifies as an Anime. The moment I saw the show seemed weird, and research confirmed that it was western-made, not Japanese. It reminds me of John Carpenter's *The Thing* because it feels like the imitation of an Anime. Maybe one of you got it...
  8. Fincher

    Hola midnighter. Danke for Frien request. Your background gif is nice taste, have you also seen...

    Hola midnighter. Danke for Frien request. Your background gif is nice taste, have you also seen the next Video from its director?
  9. [Request] Buttobi CPU 1-3

    [Request] Buttobi CPU 1-3

    All the Links found hier are dead (Megaupload :)) so requesting re-upp. Also: Not sure if this is still considered Hentai in 2015 now that every other opening consists of Spunk gargling but back in 1997 seeing nipples for some brief moments was hard core.
  10. Fincher

    [Request][オーバーフロー]ストリップバトルデイズ ([0verflow] Strip Battle Days )

    Hello, would like to Request the COntent Rip of this game (H-Scenes)
  11. Req. Watamoe 1080p  OVA

    Req. Watamoe 1080p OVA

    Hello Everyone, am looking for the Anime!_OVA or 13th Episode. MOst Uploads here seem to have the 12 standard episodes only.
  12. Fincher

    [1080p] [Coalgirls] Vividred Operation [Bluray] [UNCENSORED]

    Links for Speshils are down
  13. Fincher

    Did Ishikei and To Love-Ru Illustrator Yabuki Kentaro collaborat on something?

    Hi quick question there was news two years ago about these two people planning something. Do you Anime-Sharers know if anything came out of those plans?
  14. Fincher

    [NSFW] { Ecchi Gif Of The Day }

    Whi some Pictures are in spoilers
  15. [Request] Haramasete Seryuu Kun HCG

    [Request] Haramasete Seryuu Kun HCG

    So Tessu already uploaded it: But...
  16. Fincher

    What is Fella Pure based on

    Hi there is a newer Hentai called "Fella pure the Animation", which "the Animation" usually implies there a Doujin or Game this Hentai is based on. Anyone have info aobut this, including Japanese Name, Artists et cetera? €dit thxx master
  17. [Request] All six X-Change Games HCGs (Update: found)

    [Request] All six X-Change Games HCGs (Update: found)

    Hi is there a source of an upload of all x.change Games CG Packs? X-Change X-Change 2 X-Change 3 Yin-Yang! X-Change Alternative Yin-Yang! X-Change Alternative 2 Yin-Yang! EX €dit found thank you nevermind.
  18. Fincher

    What kind of Hentai (Doujinshi/Original Manga) works do you usually read?

    Well I like the Artists Bekkankou Then I like Tony Also Naruco Hanaharu (who might be a Woman?), Shiwasu no Okina, and Yamatogawa