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  • Hey, just like to give a big thanks for your continual efforts to hype the eroge section. Its good to see there are others out there who are still trying to start discussions on the board. Will be throwing some comments somewhere I made enough time.
    Though I would agree with Check's comments below (MFW i saw its 1 year ago), some discussion about plots would be way better. Write-ups are easily found, you could maybe rephrase them for the game's key selling points. Ramblings about company, plot, writer and artists would fuel many many more discussions because I am sure there's more ghost members around.
    Anyway big thanks again! :D
    I honestly think that you should atleast translate the plot to attract more reader/comments.
    Um...Did you tried to reinstall game ? Because I received no complaint about this game for not playable or anything :)
    Um...I wonder what kind of error it can be ? Do you have any screenshot ? It is hard to think up about solutions when informations not enough...

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