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  • If you want I can try to link you a copy of my game if you want to play it

    but this is where I bought it.

    But I can upload my game and link it to you if you want. Let me know. I own both the original, and remake. You will cry though. Be warned.
    Okay, I just saw that they remade one of my favorite VN games ever. Had to go and buy a official download copy ($20) so worth it though. This game made me cry so much, one one the best stories ever. It's so good, and heart breaking at the same time. I kind of hope they change the ending to make it a happy ending, not a "the game ripped your heart out of your chest and and stepped all over it ending" like the original, but at the same time I hope they don't change much :( Curse you for making a grown man cry!

    I actually like the original art better, but wanted to support the developers, and wanted to play with voice overs (original game had no voice overs, but the story was so good it made you cry with just text) the remake has voice overs so I'm excited about that.
    Still haven't watched the anime yet :( but I will before I decide which one to get.
    yeah, she planned it well, and played her part very well too. Kyosuke figured out Ayase was the mastermind behind it all, but had no way to actually prove it.

    But even in the anime Ayase told Kyosuke that she wanted to marry him so that her and Kirino can be sisters forever, so even then she was willing to do almost anything to always be with her.
    Yeah, gonna try to get that ending too eventually. Even though I will probably feel like killing Atase.

    Well, try and find your PSP, since the game was meant to be played on PSP. I'm playing on my phone, but wish I still have my PSP for this game :(
    Apparently their is some type of secret ending for Kirino X Ayase. Looks like Ayase manipulates things to appear that every one hates Kirino, and Ayase is her only friend. Looks like she planned that so Kirino will only be with her and no one else. Kinda messed up, but does sound like something Ayase would do. I think that's the bad Kirino X Ayase ending though. They have a good ending also. So many endings lol.
    Yep. So much bullshit. I could've bought another figure with all this extra cost :( I swear she better be delivered this time. Not going through all this again.
    Think I will have to pay for shipping again if I want my Kirino sent back to me :( plus they charge me the cost of it being shipped back to them as well :/
    Well, now I'm free to choose anyone again. Maybe I'll go with Ayase first. I'm curious to see what will happen in her route.
    Lol. Well, we will see. Think I got a bad end or something the game restated. Luckily I didn't make it to far yet but I'm able to turn on hints now. Kinda want to see what happens in the Ayase route.
    Well, I heard back from Mandarake, but I'm not really sure what they are trying to say :/ they said:

    Thank you for using MANDARAKE COMPLEX.
    The delivery situation of the baggage was confirmed in a Japanese post office.
    That the safekeeping expiration was judged by the customs, there was a reply.
    The telephone number of the American post office general guide is told.
    Would you inquire?
    Telephone number:1800-222-1811
    tracking number:EM073532668JP

    Called U.S. Customs at the main Chicago Airport, some rude asshole answered and told me to call back at 8AM :/

    Should have told him Kirino doesn't wait for anyone :/

    From the description of the online tracking number, sounds like what happened was the U.S. Post Office tried delivering the package once while I was at work. Only once! And instead of leaving me a notice, or I don't know, trying again the next day they decided to be a bunch of lazy fucks and send it back to Japan! I swear to God if that's what really happened I will bash someone's teeth in.
    Thank you so much! (っ´ω`c) I'm so glad. Thank you. :nyanmusu_bow:
    I emailed Mandarake, but haven't receive a response yet. Gonna contact US customs tomorrow.

    Was really looking forward to my Kirino too :(
    well tired been taken over the family issues bills and cleaning and such since my family member got cancer haven take him to hospital and such so busy haven't had enf time for my self to come and go here but all and all good trying catch up with anime and such need find some time make new sig as well but hard almost busy 16 hours a day lately
    I don't know :( but today is a National Holiday (Veterans Day) so the Post Office is closed. Have to wait till tomorrow to call.
    Lol. Aww she looks cute with that fang. I'll watch both animes then decide which to get. Do you think they are both worth the price?

    What other songs does ClarIS have?

    Yep unboxing her too.

    On my break so gotta run. Later.
    BTW. As much as I love Oreimos season 1 opening (Irony) I think the season 2 opening (Reunion) is much better. Listen to it when I jog in the mornings lol.

    Also, Kirino tomorrow!!!!!!!! Made it out of customs today.
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