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  • Hello, thank you for sharing games in otome section, I have a a question.

    -Do you usually buy games or do you re-upload them?

    I plan to talk with admin to give you the uploader title, but of course if you're willing to share more games^^

    So I hope you tell me, thanks!
    Real life is a tough otoge but I somehow managed to finish a route lol~:boys2_tehee:

    Party?:boys2_omg: You have a very weird interesting mind my dear, but no I wasn't partying, I was dying! :boys2_okay: .....those marriage invitations killed me and finding the wedding dress...was hell:shinonome_...:

    What a beautiful hug~ now I need of it daily:megane_zing:
    I came to check up on you... as if I would say something like that hah~[IMG]

    Yes, I'm very busy due to my marriage this year, also I was staying at one of close friends so didn't have any internet connection there to check the forum...which was quite peaceful.

    That's very sweet of you, I'm flattered. Maybe I should reward you with a special hug~?[IMG]
    Interesting, I thought you already knew. :P

    It's also very nice to meet you, then I hope you don't mind me watching you...everywhere~ :boys_smile:

    I appreciate hard working people, since sparing time is important.

    Hmm, that would be pretty useful, I'm looking forward. There are still many games to add to that list but I didn't add them, since there are so many which would look problematic for otome section.
    Hi there, you seem like an active member who re-uploads games for our members which is awesome, let me keep an eye on you ;)
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