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  • Actually even if I make a torrent and you seed it for me, I HAVE to seed it to you first until you dowload it completely. And as I told you, I never switch it on more Than few mins. Anyway, I reuploaded all the stuff on different mirror links, so hope it's gonna he usefull to you ;)
    Ses ya
    hey, you asked something like that too on Hongfire if I remember well xD
    Well, I gonna reupload links for you but don't expect Mega because my IP is banned and torrent is something hard for me to do because I never knew how it works and if I make one, it must be an issue for me to seed because I never let my PC switched on more than few minutes.
    Anyway, links like Uploadable and datafile must be something good for you because they are fast and allow numerous downloads. I am gonna see what to do more with my actual partner sites and will contact you to let you know ;)
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