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  • if that can help someone here goes the list of otomes psp games that works on ITHVNR :)

    1: DIABOLIK LOVERS MORE BLOOD /game managed to capture the text but keep #N in the middle of sentences it's even more readable if you ignore this error
    translation note 8/10 :redface:

    2: Arcana Famiglia 1 / works but also has #N in words
    translation note 9/10 this is better because the error appears less #N

    3:Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan ~Sweet Never Land~ /works great gets all text not #N in words
    translation note 10/10

    for now and that's all if they want me to tell more and just miss it, I'll make another post

    fine notes
    otomate and Idea Factory brand games the text will always have #N in the sentences and most don't work :(

    QuinRose all the psp games I tried from this company all worked without any problem :)

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