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  • I used to use hongfire, dont go there much anymore. I mostly just use this place AS, E-hentai Galleries, and other sources. I used hongfire back when i used to play/read alot of Visual Novels, and Artificial Girl 3. I mostly just do quicker things like Doujinshi and short games/VNs, not as much time. If you want to add me, I am also [gsoriano] on HongFire as well.
    Yep Kyoka is the mature step mom in Boshi W Soukan. The flower arrangent that thiefs her daughter's step brother (lover) ;)
    Apparently, according to a recent poll released in Pizzaz Magazines, she's currently the 1st top favorite character of Iza's fans so you probably must know her lol

    According to your last message, you're probably a fan of Umemaro3D too lol. And same there mate, I looooooooooove that doc Shoko Sugi. she's far the sexiest and hottest girl I have ever seen in any hentai.
    If you like Umemaro, you probably have got an account in Hongfire no ? May I know you with another nickname in this official thread ?
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