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  • want to join my party or maybe even my army?

    me can use some one like you with you talents =3

    anyway take care!

    ps ps: if you confuse my identity me is sm77 of hf :D
    Idk how to install it.. Like idk how to play with the files to make it work. Was thinking if you could teamviewer me or something... To help me get it done. Or make a explanation page with screenshots. I find it rlly hard to understand how to do this... Since its my first time trying it. Add me on skype. User holyshisnet.. Because i need you to guide me step by step.. Would appriciate it a lot if you help me out! This game has awesum pics and that white haired girl is the hottest hentai babe i have ever seen in my life! Btw ive been trying to install this game for 2 days now soo im kinda desperate.
    UHM! I need a step by step to help me install H-game [Delta] Shishi ma-sen hime Ekuseria ~ Ishu kouhai jikken no hate ni ~ Im pretty ne winto this stuff.. and first time ive encountered this soo please.. Go easy on me. You can also teamviewer me to help me install it. Thanks
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