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  • Hi Aastaroth I've recently gotten into HS and I really like your work. I just have a quick question. I've installed your FFXIII Lightning hair mod and put the files all in the proper location, but for some reason when I go to character creation, I can't seem to find the hair in the list of head options. Do you know of any reason why this might be? I noticed this also applies to the fijas castanic horn mod. Is there some kind of limit to how many mods you can install or a cap for the number of items in a list? Thanks for the help.
    It's okay. I am not insisting on any quick release for HS. Just pointing you this map to add in your DOA collection since you are DOA fan. Feel free do whenever you have the time. I am aware some priorities are set accordingly. Since you are busy with more important stuff this can be wait.
    Happy modding...
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