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  • just came home from an event ~ a toy convention event..

    took pics of pretty ladies out there especially the cosplayers lovelies ~ ... though quite tiresome its memorable and fun.. ~. though i m quite running low in funds, i manage to get there. and enjoy the scenery there especially pretty girls who participated in cosplay.. ~ and met a new friend as well ~ though honestly i m not a sociable person .. weird should is say..

    will resting in a bit, thanks for reading my message. make yourself busy while you're there at all boy's dorm. take a walk. . .~ boredom kills i guess as they said about it ... !
    sorry late reply ~ . and if i'm interrupting on your business. my apologies

    fun at work, i guess in the middle ~ .. maybe fun maybe not. though its tiresome as well as travel thingy nearly drains your energy. after a day work, i stroll at the mall, do window shop and gaze upon some sort of things out there at the mall. and girls as well ~ .. .

    done with work for now.. waiting for school and off to attend an event tomorrow ~ . -
    ~ hi.. sorry if i ruin your visitor message~

    did a part time job. though its done for now.. just waiting for the classes to start..
    bum again for now.. ~ ..
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