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Thread: [Amateur Story]: The Color of Magic

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    Re: [Amateur Story]: The Color of Magic

    I'm not sure what will be the outcome as I wanted to write as I go. I'm not really a good writer so I hope you'll forgive me for my style. Meh. Anyway, thanks for reading.

    Half the being I am, I stand before thee...
    Tears do not fall for thee but my heart doth bleed.
    True love, a pain it is to part and death be better than existing without.
    Sleep well, my love, and remember me in thy memories.
    Mine heart is thine. Eternally.

    Click on the Quicklinks to see chapter post.

    | CHAPTER 1: Goodbye, Lalaland ........................................ ♫ Feelings for Lalaland
    | CHAPTER 2: New Beginnings ............................................ ♫ Zhee's Theme Song
    | CHAPTER 3: Clothes and Magic
    | CHAPTER 4: Forbidden Things
    | CHAPTER 5: Broken Things
    | CHAPTER 6: A Touch of Fae
    | CHAPTER 7: What is Love? [latest]

    CHAPTER 1: Goodbye, Lalaland

    "I hereby punish you to spend time in the human world for the duration of 365 human days. You are stripped of your magical powers until the time you have learned the Value of Something."

    My ears are ringing. Somebody slap me, please. I glanced up at my father, the king. He looks regal sitting on his throne. His whitish beard reminds me of snowflakes and his reddish round cheeks remind me of happy celebrations. He's a jolly good fella at most times but not today. No, not today. I'm so unlucky.

    "Pardon me, my king." My voice was trembling. Just a little bit. I stood straighter, ignoring the noise around me. "I'm being punished?"

    I heard that bit about being stripped off my powers. That is an idea that is unfathomable to me. Meaning I can't fly or become invisible? I can't even Call things to me?

    My father, the Fae King, raised his eyebrows at me. His face is grim and the usual humor I see in his eyes are nonexistent. He looks around the hall. The other fae lords and ladies are murmuring to each other. Some are smiling at my direction.

    I do not like their smiles. Those remind me of Killer Fishes in the ponds of Benefold.

    "But why?" My voice showed the panic I felt. "'Learn the Value of Something'? What's that? That's so vague, father!"

    Okay, so I was almost wailing. But truly, to spend a year in the human world? That's... preposterous!

    "How will I live there? I'm a fae! I'm... I'm...". Ugh, my voice is still trembling. This is not good. If I can't find a reason for my father to retract his words, I'm doomed to go to the human world.

    "Zhee." He called my name with finality. It's like a death bell to my ears. I know when he uses that voice that whatever I do, he's never going to change his mind. I bowed my head. I don't want to look at him or the folks who bear witness to my humiliation.

    "You have continuously damaged property. Not only did I but also your mother tell you to stop your mischievious acts, yet you still persisted. This time you have incurred such damages not only in terms of property but you have also trampled with some fae folks' feelings. You must apologize to Lady Ameba for what you said to her."

    I raised my chin in defiance. "But it's true. She's nothing but a fat fae lady who resembles the --"

    "That’s enough!" my father's voice boomed. I cringed. Maybe I pushed him too far? All chatter stopped and the place was still.

    "My decision is final. You will stay in the human world for a year. If you do not learn and change, I won't permit you to return to Lalaland. One person already awaits your arrival in the Gate." He didn't look at me. He looked at his people.

    Oh yes. Lalaland. That’s the name of my home. It always struck me funny but… What am I thinking? I’m banished? That’s it?

    Anger pulsed in my veins. It's always about other people. They're more important than me. I clenched my fists and stormed out of the hall. I have not yet been dismissed but I didn't care. Why should I when I have already been publicly banished from the kingdom?


    There was a knock on the door. I was busy packing things in my luggage that I didn't feel like opening the door.

    "Honey." Ah, my mother, the Queen.

    She entered, softly closing the door. She shuffled her feet and played with her gloves while I continue to pack up.

    "Dear, you don't have to pack those things. You're leaving them behind."

    I went still. My hands were about to fold some more clothes into the luggage. I looked at all the nicely folded clothes. Silk and satin fae clothing with trimmings of gold and silver. The softest fabric in the whole kingdom... and I'm supposed to leave these behind? It's a conspiracy. Seriously, my day keeps getting better.

    I straightened my back and turned to my mother. My mother is lovely. The Fae age well. Her hair falls gently on her shoulders and she had a ringlet on her head to show she is of royal fae blood. But who cares? Everyone knows she’s the queen. Her silk dress is stunning, as always, as it is made by Dummongee's magical hands. Her hair is silvery blond while I have my father's reddish brown hair. She's slender in form while I'm rather... awkward. If she's curvy, I'm zig-zagy.

    I’m torn between talking to her calmly and then raging. But the bed looked really nice so I proceeded to dive into it. This situation is still unreal to me. I figured I'd wake up from a very bad dream.

    "Honey. Zhee. Can I talk to you?" my mother said.

    Nope. She's still here. I'm not dreaming. This is a nightmare.

    She sat beside me after a few minutes of silence. I wished the bed would just swallow me.

    She stroked my hair and started talking. She usually talks to me knowing I didn't want to talk. Fine. I'm listening anyway.

    "You know we love you, dear. But this time, your father and I decided that this is for the best. Think of this as a vacation of sorts minus the magic. You need to cool off your head, love." I can hear her smile as she said that. My mother is usually unperturbed by things. How I wish I got that from her. Instead, I'm a walking time bomb with no leash in my tongue.

    I sighed and looked at my mother. She smiled at me and I smiled back weakly.

    "I know, mother. It's just..." I clenched my hands. "Some of the fae lords and ladies are ridiculous. I don't get it why they have to act so high and mighty. Why can't I have friends? It's because they're all talking bad about me. Why can’t I be myself? I hate all of this.”

    She patted my head gently.

    "There are things in this world and in our lives that we have to keep even though it goes against our personal beliefs, child. You’ll learn the game we adults play and I’m sure you’ll do well in the future. Helix will be your guardian. He will wait for you at the Gate. He's a kind person so be sure to act accordingly, ok? You have 10 minutes then come to the Gate."

    She left and that's that.


    Helix is a lanky man. A foot taller than me, I suppose. He was wearing something strange. "Jeans" they call it in the human world. It's a little bit ...poor for my taste. The fabric looked thick to be comfortable to the skin. I made a face. I don't like the human things already. A simple shirt with an honorary pin covered the rest of his upper parts. As I looked more closely, the shirt isn't so simple at all. It's one of those rare find in Lalaland that won't get wet or dirty. It's a perpetual white shirt and it's often said it protects the wearer from sword slashes. Do I dare find out?

    Looking at his face, there's nothing much to say. He's ... homely looking. I'm not sure you'd understand that but for sure he's not handsome. Most of the fae lords and their sons have straight blond hair with tall (high? I don’t care much for noses) noses. Helix’s nose is not quite proportional to his face and his skin color’s just a tad darker than mine. I approached closer and I am flabbergasted. He's got the most amazing green eyes and his hair... I gulped. No man and fae should have that kind of hair. It falls gently on his shoulders. His hair is as black as ebony and it moves with grace. It’s like it’s alive… Sounds scary, I know, but it’s beautiful. Despite the fact the rest of him didn't amount to anything, his eyes and hair made him look sinuous like a willow. Now, believe me, I envy people with innate grace because I don’t have it. He's a guy and he has it. Darn it.

    "Hello, pixie". His voice sounded harsh to my ears and I felt cold all over.

    “Don’t call me pixie!” and I stuck my tongue out at him. See? I do have a bit of grace. Lies.

    He chuckled at me and I was furious. I am a fae princess and he has the gall to… to… laugh at me!? I turned around sharply and decided I should plead to my father that his decision was so wrong.

    “STOP.” I stopped midstride. Not because I wanted to. Then I realized… Helix was no ordinary being. He holds the power of the Voice.

    “You-! You’re human! How could you…” I sputtered. He walked towards me slowly and a wolfish grin showed on his face.

    “Tut tut, so easy to anger, so easy to fool. Your emotions will grant you your eternal doom, pixie. You need to learn to control them lest they get the better of you.” He didn’t need to shout. The whisper of whispers from his lips, I can hear.

    “I demand you release me at once!” Seriously, my bones are aching. Plus, this is embarrassing.

    “Say ‘please’”. He chuckled again. I saw his green eyes sparkle in glee.

    A sadist. Darn it. Of all the beings I could end up with…

    “Please.” I almost barked the word. I hate begging.

    Almost immediately I was released from his magical hold and I tumbled to the ground. Lucky I didn’t have the usual guards with me or this scene would have spread like wildfire in the kingdom. I am spared.

    “How dare you--!” I wanted to rage at him for everything’s that happened. He grabbed my wrist to pull me up and applied pressure.


    I shut my mouth. I could feel the power tingle in his skin. He’s… not what he seemed. A calm lake holds many secrets beneath. I know when someone’s powerful than me. Ah, power. How you cripple me. I stood silently and looked at my shoes.

    “You are Zhee. The youngest daughter of the King and Queen of Lalaland.”

    I nodded. I dare not trust my tongue at the moment.

    “You are also the biggest headache of the kingdom. You do not possess tact or grace like your other siblings. You are rude and live in your own fantasy world thinking nobody can touch you because you’re a princess of the Fae.”

    Anger. I was angry and I was about to deliver a retort when he pushed me. I gasped as I made contact with the ground. Oh, wow. Please don’t say I’d become a rag for a whole year. I don’t feel like cleaning the ground or floor.

    I tried to stand up. I couldn’t. Swell. Here we go again.

    He knelt beside me and bent down to look at me in the eyes. I didn’t expect those awesome green eyes can turn so cold. I shivered.

    “Listen to me you brat. I will be your guardian in the human world but I have no plans of babysitting you. I have your parent’s permission to punish you as I’d like and you won’t like it if I do. You will do as I say and you better follow it. You don’t have the luxury of being a princess anymore. You will earn your keep and you will change.”

    His voice sound so harsh to my ears. Beneath it, I can also sense pain. My eyes widened.

    “You will change. And you will live.” He helped me up.

    I brushed dirt off my clothes. I will live? What? What the Hellfire was he talking about?

    “Uh. Okay.” Finally, my vocal chords work. “Can I call you Helix?”

    He looked back at me. Now that introductions are over, I can breathe easy. Overall evaluation of Helix: KEEP CLEAR. DANGER. SADIST. FOLLOW OR DIE. I could say more but you get the idea.

    I wasn’t allowed to bring a bag (I protested a lot but I didn’t win over my mother) so I just had me, myself and my Fae butt.

    Helix waved his hand nonchalantly and the Gate to the mortal world opened. Already I felt fear. It takes a great amount of power to open the Gate and Helix looked like he swatted a fly. I wanted to go back to the comforts of my bed. Humans didn’t have a good reputation in Lalaland and now I have to stay there for the year. Fae Lord help me.

    I took a deep breath and followed Helix into the dark tunnel.

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    Re: [Amateur Story]: The Color of Magic

    Chapter 2: New Beginnings

    My name is Zhee and I’m a fae princess.

    I’ve been banished from home and now I’m in the human world.

    “A burger and regular fries please. Add a diet coke with it.” A costumer tells me.

    A smile was plastered on my face and I managed to repeat the order and punched the corresponding buttons for his order. A week ago, I wouldn’t have understood his words. Burger? Fries? DIET coke? What the Hellfire were these things?

    Finally it’s the end of my shift and I took off from this thing called McDonald’s. It was already dark outside but I didn’t mind. My place… no, scratch that… HIS place is just close by. I sigh deeply.

    I remember the first time I stepped foot in this human city. I can’t believe it’s been a week already and I’m mingling with these humans. I want to puke. It’s not so much that I feel higher than them (actually, I do- I AM royalty after all), but these people are just so different. I can’t believe they eat and do some of the things they do.

    Take for example in the morning shift, there are those who just have black coffee. Is that even filling? I remember my breakfast back in Lalaland was composed of the scrumptious fruits from the Gardens of Lillyput with honeysuckle nectar, too. But to have only that scalding hot liquid in the morning is beyond me.

    Also, there are being called ‘street performers’. Helix told me they get their living from dancing and doing all sorts of things I consider embarrassing. I remember when we were first going to the house, there were people in the corner of the streets holding out their hands. Their clothes were pitiful to look at. My curiosity was aroused.

    “Helix, what are those humans doing?” I couldn’t help but ask the grouchy man walking in front of me.

    He stopped (thank goodness, we’ve been walking for an hour and my feet were tired) and snorted at my direction. What? A snort? He’s turning into some kind of animal.

    “You don’t say “humans”. You say “people”.” He told me reproachfully.

    “Fine. What are those people doing?” I batted my eyelashes at him and tried to look prim and proper. I must have looked silly but whatever.

    His eyes narrowed at me. “They’re beggars. They’re begging for food or money.”

    I stood still and took a deep breath.

    Beggars. Begging. Words I do not like. At all. I turned around and looked at the old man holding a tin cup. It’s not cold yet but I presume there are cold nights. I shudder to think what would happen if that was my circumstance.

    I do not like begging. Lalaland is a prosperous fae kingdom and we didn’t have fae folks the equivalent of beggars there. Sure, there’s hierarchy but in my world, nobody needed to beg. The concept is as strange as “fast food”. How can food be fast? I remember asking Helix that and he just rolled his eyes saying ‘You’ll see’.
    I sneezed. Something nasty is in the air and realized there’s an open garbage bin just a few blocks from me. My nose is really sensitive much more so in this dirty city. One week. I survived 7 days in the human world. That’s a miracle already.

    The house I live in is Helix’s house. It’s not fancy like I thought it would be, at first. But after a week, I guess I should be grateful. There had been a few times I challenged Helix. First few times I ran away but I didn’t know how to open the Gate. He’d been on the porch waiting for me with that blasted chuckling of his. The human world scares me to a degree so I didn’t run away.

    Sadly, Helix realized this too and each time I tried to challenge him, he would threaten me by throwing me out the house. He wasn’t kidding. I know he’d do it, too.

    Knock, knock.

    “Helix, I’m home. Open the gate.” I began tapping my feet on the wooden porch.

    No response. I released a deep sigh.


    Voila. The door opened. Helix is insufferable. Very very annoying. I need to throw something right about now.

    “Pixie, come join me.” His voice wafted from the modest living room. He calls me “pixie” because I’m shorter than he is. I’m just vertically challenged.

    I dropped my bag, shed my coat and went to the living room. It was spacious- actually I’d use ‘bare’ in this case, but it’s all about semantics and positive thinking. So, it’s spacious.

    I sat on one of the vacant chairs next to the sofa. Helix looked rather haggard today. I frowned and studied the guy.

    His awesome hair was in disarray. There are worry lines on his face and his face was in subtle concentration. Uh oh. Did I do something wrong? Did my McDondald’s boss say something along the lines that I was a stubborn fool who answers back without thinking first? If so, I’m in a whole lot of trouble. I can’t even think of what Helix will---

    “I’m leaving.” He said in his grave tone.

    That got my attention.

    “Pardon me?” I learned this phrase in McDo. I’m usually spaced out so I couldn’t concentrate on the orders. Yep. That’s me. Graceful and attentive. Great.

    “I have to go.” He looked at me and I knew he wasn’t kidding.

    “Go where?” Okay, I’m being stupid but really? Don’t tell me we’re leaving again…

    As if reading my thoughts, he shook his head and said, “You’re staying here.”

    I flipped out. In a berserk kind of way.

    “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?” Oh, yes. I’m great with monosyllables. “What do you mean!?” I began my adorable chanting of fae expletives.

    “Shut up right now or I’ll Silence you for a month.”

    I shut up. The man just had a way with words. He does have the power to silence me…

    “Now, listen to me. I have some things I need to do. It’s important. However, you are staying here and you’re going to continue working your part-time shift.”

    Right. Of course. What was the purpose of working again? Ah, yes. Because he won’t give me a damned gold, or penny, or whatever it’s called here.

    “Zhee. Here.”

    I snap out of my thoughts.

    He handed me a folder. I opened it and saw a list of papers with pictures of me. I studied my picture. My light brown eyes stared back at me. Actually, the Fae parts of me are smoothened out. My pointy ears are replaced by the sad stumpy ones. My purple eyes are changed to brown to my despair. However, my hair is kept long and braided. I’m not vain, but my hair seems to be very unique in this part of town. People asked me if I “die” my hair. My hair is living and fine, thank you very much. Only later did Helix explain to me the meaning of dye.

    I don’t understand the things I’m looking at. Even though I have learned the English alphabet during third day of my “survival” training. I learned the alphabet and of course, memorized the words in the dictionary. It took me a few hours but I got it. This thing called “slang” is very confusing though. I have to learn how to talk “street”, Helix told me.

    Anyway, back to the thing on my hand. I was baffled.

    “What’s this?”

    Helix was pouring himself a cup of coffee. That evil thing again.

    “Oh, that’s your application to high school.”, he said, without turning around to face me.

    “What?”, I’m still confused.

    “You’re going to school.”

    Oh, crap.

    I’m Zhee. I’m a fae princess. I was banished from my home a week ago.

    And now I’m going to school.
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    Re: [Amateur Story]: The Color of Magic

    Chapter 3: Clothes and Magic

    I miss my fae powers. I miss calling out the real pixies who are part of Team Zhee (they sometimes do the dirty work for me). I miss going invisible and making Objects of Importance disappear from many lord’s houses. I miss using glamour to change my physical appearance. Heck, I even miss being scolded by my parents for my mischievous acts.

    Oh, my. Glamour. I miss it so badly because I’m wearing… rags.

    Actually, it’s my part-time job’s uniform but this is rag-ish for me. Humans have bad taste when it comes to making clothes. There’s no real harmony of colors. Everything’s for efficiency.

    I itch. I itch to shed all this human clothing. I miss my clothes I left back home. Those were made by fae tailors who understand the need for grace (even though I lack this one). At least, those were easy on the skin. When you touch fae clothing, it feels of the finest silk and when you wear it, it moves with your body. It’s not constrictive like the one I’m wearing now.

    Ah, but whatever. I just returned home from my shift. Lady Nyx has scattered her powers once again and the stars illuminated the sky. It’s a good night and I know I will be given a good rest. Until tomorrow, that is.

    Oh, no. Tomorrow. I dread tomorrow.

    Tomorrow morning I have to go to this high school that Helix told me about. I doubt that there’s anything “high” about it.

    Back at home, I didn’t like school. Classes were conducted on a building near the Tree of Knowledge. What I mean by “building” is the kind where there are a lot of open spaces and a lot of gardens. This building is really tall (high? Ugh, I hate trying to explain sometimes) that sometimes you have to fly to reach the highest level. There are 4 levels in that building. Each level has a different Area of Study and completing all levels is for each and every fae child.

    Level 1, the lowest level, is the Study of All Fae Things which included basic facts and information about different kingdoms of the Fae, its citizens and culture. Think of it as History and Etiquette classes. Level 2 is the Study of Nature. As a fae, it is important to know everything about nature: plants, flowers, the weather, you name it. The harmony of our kind with nature is derived by our understanding of all things that surround us. Level 3 is located high up in the building. Why? Because it’s the Study of Flight and Other Modes of Travel. This level is pretty awesome. There are big Mirror Portals, Lake Portals, Garden Doors and of course, the Flight Arena.

    I grimaced. I remember how much I hurt practicing my flight. I don’t have my wings now. It’s still part of me but because my magic has been hindered, it wouldn’t show with my human appearance.

    Level 4 is a whole other level. It’s the last and highest part of the building (you know it’s not a building in human terms but I’m at a loss for words). After mastering the basics of knowledge and travel/flight, one may now proceed to the deadliest and most beautiful study of all: the Study of Magic.
    In order to reach this level, one must master all the modes of travel because only through any of those can one reach level 4. I’m a good flyer and I love the feel of the wind on my face so I used to fly to reach level 4’s entryway. Anyway, level 4 IS deadly because magic has its darkness. It can be used for the good and for the bad.

    There are 5 major magical powers that are practiced in the land of fae. The acquisition of powers relies on the individual’s ability. A fae child may have all talents but can only be good in one. Some only have one or two. Some don’t have magic at all. It depends on the child’s ancestry.

    Well, me? I have all.

    Let me explain. The 5 themes of power are Attack, Defense, Stealth, Healing and Mind magic. There are many many kinds of technique under each theme. Each is different for everyone. For example, those fae folks who are closer to the Earth attack by using the ground as leverage. Ones closer the Lord of the Wind use mighty storms and gales.

    I’m a princess. I have royal blood. Naturally I’d have all. You think I’m happy about it? You’re wrong.

    The pressure of having all talents is enormous. It takes twice the time to finish the schooling. I actually am not done with Level 4. I had just covered the basics when I was banished from the kingdom. Of course, I wouldn’t be good at it.

    I couldn’t practice any except for one. Mind magic. For some reason, I was able to hide this from my teachers. I didn’t want to add more tasks to my already heavy load. Again, there are many types of mind magic but MY kind involves Calling. Think of it as Mind Calling.
    Imagine, I wouldn’t need things such as cellphones (funny looking things) to call someone. I’d just close my eyes and find that piece of them in my mind and I can “talk” to them.

    However, I’m in human mode at the moment so I can’t use any of those. But I don’t want to use those funny looking things they call cellphones either.

    I didn’t like school because I didn’t like the sons and daughters of the lords and ladies. Those snobs, I thought. Anyway, I didn’t have much friends and I am unlikely to make one or at all in this world. I was the youngest in the family and I had other siblings who can take care of the kingdom. Others didn’t think highly of me. I’d often become the “butt of the joke” (haha, I know this idiom now- fae butt, please). I didn’t mind. I’m fine being alone.

    “You need to make friends”, Helix told me before he went away to the important mission. Wasn’t I the important mission? I don’t understand how he could leave me in this blasted place.

    Anyway, talking about human friends and the new school, I’ll probably scare most of them away. I can’t help it. I just have a way with words. I snorted (Helix’s influence on me after just a few days is awe-inspiring) and prepared for sleep.

    That night I dreamt of flying and of the Trees of Lalaland.


    “Miss Zhee Lalan? ” drawled a voice.

    I came back to my senses. I was distracted by thought of lily ponds that I momentarily forgot where I was. Oh, yeah. The principal’s office.

    “Yeah?” I often heard this response in my work place.

    “That’s ‘Yes, sir’ to you, missy”, said the principal in a strict voice.

    Oh, great. Another Helix. Did I mention I almost failed Fae etiquette class?

    “Yes, sir”, I acquiesced.

    The principal was a bald and bearded man. He’s shorter than I am and maybe a little bit plump (who am I kidding? He’s fat). His chair seems to almost swallow him and his desk, full of paperwork, files and whatnot, almost made him nonexistent when you enter through the door.

    I glanced around. The office isn’t as huge as I imagined it would be. There’s a big book case to my right and a cabinet full of trophies to my left. It really feels like a school office. I smiled.

    He coughed and I placed my attention on him again.

    “I understand that you will be staying with us for a school year, Miss Lalan.” Though his body screams of laziness, his eyes hold much knowledge in them. A smart and probably clever human. Interesting.

    “As a transferee, there are things that you should know about the school.”

    “Yes, sir”. Of course, I need to know! Thanks, Mr. Obvious.

    “Here’s a copy of the school rules. Herein are the laws in which you must abide or handle the consequences.” He said this sharply that I had to take a pause.

    That sounded familiar.

    I took the copy and after finishing the small talk, I went out to look around the campus.

    The school is relatively far from my place. It takes 30 minutes by bus so I have to wake up earlier than usual. As fae, I don’t have any sort of “jet lag” and my body naturally wakes up when I made up my mind about the time. I don’t need to worry about being late. I smirked, hooray.

    The administration building is a few meters away from the library. The classes are held on different buildings for different year levels.

    “Great. Levels. I hate you, Helix.” I muttered under my breath. Working in McDonald’s is boring and sometimes I get pissed at people but being in school is the worst kind of punishment.

    The campus is big and there’s nothing too bad about the place. It was a Sunday and there are few people roaming about the campus. From what I read in the handbook, there’s a dormitory close to The Field. I decided to go and look at the dorms when a familiar scent reached my nostrils.

    “It can’t be.” My eyes widened in surprise and I followed the scent with my nose (will the snorting turn me to a hound, I wonder).

    Just beyond the trees and hidden from a normal walker’s view was the most amazing garden I’ve seen in the human world. Sure, the Gardens in Lalaland are of a different sort- it just can’t be compared to anything. But I’m in the human world and I’ve been here just more than a week and this is the only time my heart thumped so hard that I felt my ribcage will break.

    There were flowers everywhere. I know each of their names. The trees and plants sway with the wind and seemed to greet me.

    “Oh, my dears. Hello, roses.” I started greeting each plant, flower and tree in the garden.

    I was so happy. I was so lost in the moment that I didn’t realize someone was there with me.

    “Hey.”A voice came from behind me.

    I shrieked in surprise and turned around.

    A boy, technically a young adult male, was standing a few meters away from me. He carried a duffel bag on one shoulder and held a ball of some kind in both hands. If I remember correctly, it was a ball for basktetball (or do you say basktetball ball? Ah, English).

    My royal blood kicked in and I raised my chin. I almost did a Peter Pan pose but I changed my mind.

    “Who are you?” Hah. Take that, you human commoner.

    “ I’m Curtis and I’m a senior student here. I don’t think I’ve seen you around here. This garden is a dorm property and as it goes, I’m also in-charge of the dorms. So speak up. Who are you?” He wasn’t smiling. He didn’t even relax his hold on the ball.

    Uh, oh.

    “I’m Zhee. Nice to meet you.” And I ran like hell.

    “Wait!” I heard him call out but I didn’t look back. I must have looked stupid back there talking to all the plants and flowers. What was I thinking? No human will probably understand that.

    I didn’t stop until I reached the school entrance. Well, I’ve got a few hours to kill before I start school. I hope I don’t meet that guy during the whole time I’ll be here. If he’s a senior student, I’m bound to meet him.

    “Not if I can help it,” I muttered and walked towards the bus stop.

    Unaware of anything, I didn’t realize Curtis also reached the school entrance but he didn’t call out to me. I didn’t see his thoughtful look and I sure didn’t hear him.

    “Zhee,” Curtis said, a small smile playing along his lips.

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    Re: [Amateur Story]: The Color of Magic

    Chapter 4: Forbidden Things

    “I so hate Mondays”, I said to myself.

    It’s the first day of school and I have to say, I feel a mix of excitement and dread. I’m on the bus on the way to school. Oh, I forgot to tell you. My school’s name is Sucrose High School. I wonder what role sugar stuff play in this institution.

    The school didn’t require a school uniform (thank you, Fae Lord) and so I wore my summer dress. My hair was braided again although some tendrils of hair escaped. I wore a pair of boots beneath. Don’t ask, but those are really comfortable and it reminded me of the ones I wore back at home.

    It’s always a nerve-wracking journey going to class for the first time. It didn’t matter if it’s back home or the human world, the feelings remain the same. As haughty I might seem to be to others, I’m still nervous about school.


    Oh, crap. I’m late.

    I heard the bell from outside the gate and I ran like mad to my classroom. Double crap. I didn’t know where my classroom’s located.

    I ran to the school buildings and I went inside the middle one. I’m in Year 2 so basically, that’s where I’m supposed to be, right?

    I am so lost and so screwed. I wandered along the hall.

    “What is this?” I asked myself.

    There were 6 classrooms in the building and I didn’t dare approach each door. You know what happens if you disturb a teacher’s class, right? I had my butt almost burned (literally) when I angered a teacher of mine in Defense class. I still remember that and I’m not going in to ambush a teacher’s now human or otherwise.

    Someone tapped my shoulder and I shrieked.

    “Hey, hey, calm down”, Curtis said, smiling.

    “Why do you do that!?” I angrily whispered to him. I hate being surprised. I really don’t. It makes me look weak and of course, there’s that awkward moment after.

    “I’m sorry.” He raised his hands to appease me and his expression somber.

    “You’re really making this a bad habit you know.” I huffed at him but I can’t help but be drawn into his eyes. Grey eyes. It reminded me of my … cat. I didn’t say I had a cat before but I seriously have a cat. His name is Timms and he’s being cared for by my mother. Unless of course he scratched her face and now he’s locked up.

    I shook that thought away. Curtis was still looking at me with a puzzled expression on his face.

    “Need any help?”

    My face lightened up and I said, “Wow, thanks!”

    I told him about my situation and he nodded in understanding. He casually took my elbow and guided me to the far end of the classroom. I felt a tingle just for a moment and then it was gone.

    He knocked on the door and a teacher around mid-40’s opened the door. He had some gray hairs, a pointy nose and thin lips but his eyes were warm and kind.

    “Yes, Mr. Bard?”

    “Mr. Green. I’m sorry to disturb your class, sir, but this young woman here, I believe, is the new transferee.” Curtis made a motion at me and I bowed a greeting.

    “Ah, thank you, Mr. Bard. Well, Miss, please come in and take a seat on that corner.” Mr. Green pointed to a vacant seat on the far left side of the wall.

    Before Curtis left, he bent a little closer to me and whispered to my ear. “Have fun.”

    Then a sudden hush fell on the room. When we entered, there were murmurs and faint noises from the other students. I didn’t pay attention to them because they were not important to me. I just had to go through the class without trouble.

    But this foreboding hush tells me something just happened. I looked around me and I saw stares in my direction.

    What the Hellfire did I do?

    Then I heard Curtis chuckle. I turned and looked at him just the right time to see him wink and smile at me. Did the human think he was cute? Puke bag, please.

    The door closed and Mr. Green cleared his throat. “If you please, Miss Lalan, I’d like to proceed with the class”.

    Silently I went to my chair and sat down. I still felt the eye-daggers being thrown at me. If you think about it, I’m a newbie. So more likely it was something Curtis did.

    Why that little…

    I took a deep breath and concentrated on the class discussion.


    The first day I arrived in Rondon City, Helix told me about the rules. Remember the bit with the student handbook? No wonder it seemed familiar. I had the similar warning from Helix.

    The Major Rules of the Fae when in the Human World are as follows:

    1. No talk about about the Fae (this is fairly easy, along with the containment of my powers, my mother made a spell on me that would literally stop me from saying anything about the Fae to mortals.)

    2. Any kind or form of magic including spells are not allowed (again, easy since I can’t use mine)

    3. Fae and mortal relationships are not allowed although friendships while in human form maybe tolerated.

    4. No fae shall reveal their real forms.

    Helix added something to the list to act as a warning.

    5. Do not fall in love with a mere mortal.

    “Are you kidding?” I was said, aghast. “Why would that happen? I’m like- 80 years old compared to these babies.”

    Helix just looked at me and said, “Just make sure you don’t, pixie. Nothing good will come out of it.”

    For a moment, I thought I heard pain lace his voice. I must be sleepy.


    Mr. Green’s class ended. Before I was able to go out the door, a girl blocked me.

    “Hey, you.” She greeted me. At that instant, I didn’t like her, whoever she is. I pushed my way out and headed out. I didn’t run. I merely walked to the door.

    “Hey, carrot head. I’m talking to you!” She called to me and I stopped on my tracks. Carrot head? She equated my head to a carrot? Really?

    I turned around and studied the source of the voice. A pretty blond with blue eyes greeted my eyes. She was wearing a T-Shirt with words “Y U NO CRY” printed across it and pants with holes in it. That seemed to be the current trend but I still didn’t get it.

    I just looked at her without saying anything. I learned that these beings don’t really deserve my efforts to speak or explain.

    She walked to me slowly. Her overconfidence was so annoying and I realized she had friends with her.

    Oh, I see. I’ve been in this situation before. Unknown to my mentors back in Lalaland, I was bullied by some of my classmates. Because of my reputation as a mischievous bratty princess, people tend not to believe me so I shut up about it. It didn’t help with my temper though.

    Anger check. Oh, no…

    I opened my mouth.

    “You dare call me a carrothead? Look at yourself. You’re nothing but a poor excuse for a woman. Have you checked what you looked like in front of the mirror? I don’t know about you but this thing with democracy is going too far. How much freedom do you need to express yourself? You are wearing unsightly clothes and pants with holes in it everywhere. Before you call out to me and insult me with your words, change your clothes, change your bad manners and then maybe we’ll talk.”

    I went out the door and left her with her mouth hanging open.

    Ugh, there goes my first impression.

    At some point I regret (just a teeny weeny bit) that I said those words but the other part of me felt satisfied. That was just sugar from my lips. I didn’t really have any spice to offer her.


    That first day in school was spent avoiding Curtis, who suddenly developed a Timms’ habit of following me around. I also avoided that blond girl and her gang. I’m still not sure what is happening and why they’re targeting but I’m slowly reaching a conclusion that Curtis is the main reason.

    School’s over and I’m walking to the bus stop. I saw a familiar figure there and rolled my eyes.

    “Hey, Zhee.” Curtis gave a small wave and smiled at me.

    I ignored him. What’s wrong with this guy, seriously?

    “That’s harsh. I had a funny feeling you were ignoring me today. How come?” He bent a little bit closer to me and I took a step away. He chuckled.

    “Go away.”

    “I’m not going anywhere. I use this bus stop, too.”

    “Fine. Just don’t talk to me. Don’t talk to me in school.” I crisply said. If I had my powers, I’m pretty sure the ground would have been frozen by now.

    “So talking to you outside school is fine? Great.” I heard the laughter in his voice.

    Another annoying man. Grr.

    I turned to face him.

    “Look, I thank you very much for your help this morning but I think I’ve got it all now. I’m good and I don’t need any more help from you. Please tell your blondie hound and her cheerleaders to stop annoying me with their antics. It won’t work. I don’t care for you or any human for this matter and I’d like to have a peaceful and boring life while I stay in this school. You copy? Great.”

    The bus arrived and I went in. I didn’t look back.

    I failed to see the anger behind Curtis’ eyes.

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    Re: [Amateur Story]: The Color of Magic

    Chapter 5: Broken Things

    I look a step to my left.


    The water balloon erupted and made a mess on the space next to me. I looked up and I grinned at the blond girl and her friends.

    “Good morning to you, too.” Then I skipped my way to the next class.

    It’s been a month already and Sara, the blondie’s name, is still at it. I may have lost my magical powers but my senses are still sensitive and with my full attention, I can hear what’s coming at me. I’m mostly alert when I’m at school because of the things they’re trying to do to me.

    So far, they haven’t done anything drastic. A couple of traps here and there, a senseless debate. Nothing too drastic but who knows?

    It’s been a month and still Helix hasn’t come back. I wonder what has happened to him.

    I eyed Curtis looking at me from afar. This dude really needs to stop with this stalking thing. I really don’t understand people sometimes. I also failed my Social Sensibilities class. I just don’t interact well with fae folks AND humans, it seems.

    I had hoped these two people will stop bothering me. I will have to talk to them. Blondie first.


    “Sara.” I called out to dear blondie. I spotted her alone in the library. I figured the library is a good spot for a confrontation of whispers.

    I saw her stiffen. Maybe she was arguing with herself whether to move on ahead or talk to me.

    She turned around.

    Clap, clap. Brave girl.

    Today she was wearing a flower-patterned blouse with a pleated skirt. Looks better than the other days, I thought.

    “I need to talk to you. Follow me.” I went to one of the unused corners of the library. Sucrose HS’s library is huge and there won’t be anyone to interfere. I hope that, anyway.

    “What do you want?” She crossed her arms. On the defensive already. I swallowed a chuckle.

    “Aren’t you tired of this, Sara? I mean, you should be bored by now.” I calmly looked at her.

    “What do you mean?”

    “I mean this bullying me thing.” There.

    “Whoa, I’m not bullying you.” Shifty eyes.

    “Right. Sara. What’s your problem with me? Do tell.” I crossed my arms, too and tried to make contact with her eyes.

    “I don’t have a problem with you.”

    “Yeah, right. Stop lying. Look, if this is about Curtis then you got it all wrong. I’ve been avoiding the guy already.”

    She stiffened and her eyes widened just a little bit.

    “What are you talking about!?”, she demanded.

    “I’m not daft but fine, have your it way. But I suggest you stop bothering me. I may, just may, find some evidences of you and your group harassing me and it will be a scandal.” I added an extra delightful tone at the end then I stormed off.


    During the day I go to school then I go directly to my part-time job. Then I go to sleep and the cycle continues for the week. My breaks are only on the weekends but that’s enough time for me to sort things out.

    Sometimes from outside McDonald’s I’d see a familiar figure passing by. It’s Curtis. I see him almost every night that it’s becoming a problem.

    Oh, I forgot to tell you. I’m strong. No, really. I may not have my powers but those of the fae are born with innate strength and strong senses. That’s why I didn’t care for the bullying. That’s why “fear” is not a familiar concept to me until I came to the human world, anyway.

    My fears of this world are simple: begging, school teachers and … Helix’s anger. The latter is okay ‘coz he’s not here. So anyway, what I’m trying to say I’m cool with people bothering me. I can handle some physical stuff.

    Apart from practicing magic, we were also required to train in the basics of hand and sword combat. It’s a “I want to be cool” thing. Actually, fae ladies aren’t required to do it but I spit in the fae butt of delicacy. I never did like looking like a… fragile flower. I demanded my own private lessons and my mother indulged me by giving me one of the toughest teachers, Lord Khoura.

    I’ll tell you next time about Lord Khoura. My mind wants to shrivel just remembering my master.


    I saw Curtis sitting on the bar across the street still watching. My shift’s finally over and I’m free… not. I checked my time. 10:00 in the evening. I have time.

    I purposefully went to him. I saw him stiffen. His disguise meant nothing since I have seen him many times passing by my workplace.

    I saw him quickly place money on the table and hurried to leave. I caught up with him.

    “Curtis,” I called out to him. “We need to talk.”

    How many times do I have to set up confrontations this day? Chicken chicken chicken.

    I went up to him and in the street light tried to fit the man I saw to the Curtis I knew.

    He looked so… broken. Dark circles framed his eyes. His hair lost its vibrant color. He looked thinner too, and his eyes, oh my Fae lord, his eyes…

    “Curtis, what happened to you!?” I grabbed his arm and he pulled it back from my grasp just as quickly.

    “No! Don’t touch me!” He practically screamed.

    “Curtis… I don’t know what’s going on. Come to my house for a sec. It’s close.” I… don’t want to beg.

    I looked at the broken man in front of me. A shadow of his former self. A (I dare not laugh) zombie in need of brains... No, scratch that. But Curtis needs... my help.

    “Please,” I whispered and reached a hand to him.

    He hesitated for a moment… and grabbed my hand.

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    Re: [Amateur Story]: The Color of Magic

    Wow! I really liked your story, @psychia ! Especially the way you write (wish i had that easiness in write in this kind of narrative, first person xD) Have you published something? If not, you should really try, you're a really good writer ^^ Waiting for the sequel!
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    Re: [Amateur Story]: The Color of Magic

    Oh mky, thanks for bump ^>^ Want to read this.....lets see if I get the time
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