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Thread: *Hearthfire* ~ A poem for the holidays

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    *Hearthfire* ~ A poem for the holidays

    Gathered, it speaks in golden glow, where outside falls the newborn snow,

    Ages that remember, a tale gone by, and eyes that live, to wonder why ~

    Crackling hearth, of amber hue ~ To delight the old and new

    Within one's heart to rekindle, and spin like the needle ~ of a spindle

    Cherish this word, one long gone by - Remember the ancestors that had to die

    Light the heart with a gentle song, and sing the praises of many ere long

    Cat that creeps, upon a stove - Rich fish boiling ,in a pot

    Wonder on that fanciful trove - and yuletide memories that are wrought

    Gaze upon each other's eyes ~ Recall why you are there

    Dreams of stardust to surmise ~ In an enchanting kind of air

    A roast turns slowly, browned in light ~ A feast for all thy friends.

    Delicious morsels that they might - Seek magical amends.

    Dancing notes within the sky, Twinkle slowly down

    To alight their ghostly, spoken tie ~ To a spectral town

    So, harken to the words I speak! All who cherish life

    And those who gather at the hearth, with friend, lover, wife,

    May you find the peace you need, this season of the heart ~

    And with the promise of soulful word, never need to part -+~~~

    ~This is to all of those who need a little Christmas or Yuletide cheer within their hearts, or to those that just love the holidays, family, or friends.~

    Skyrim, and other lands of wonder, inspire me to write of such things...both fantastical and imaginative. May you gain your own inspiration from the bounties of our world, and those that have become captured beauty within our minds. ~+

    Blessings this winter season, and hopefully I shall have more for you soon if you enjoy this. :3
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    Re: *Hearthfire* ~ A poem for the holidays

    I wish I could write like that... Very impressively done!
    Looking forward to more of your work!
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    Re: *Hearthfire* ~ A poem for the holidays

    Nice poem~ Builds up the mood quite nicely with the imagery~
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    Re: *Hearthfire* ~ A poem for the holidays

    A good connection of different concepts to create poem. Quite imaginative.

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