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Thread: WOW #2 - April 2016

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    WOW #2 - April 2016


    Hi! Ignis here! KK is away, so it falls to me to take care of the contest at least until she comes back. I still haven't done my part in judging the results of the first contest, but as it's already the 6th, I think I should have this up first especially since the judging process looks like it's going to take a bit longer (there's a lot to write about).

    This is the second round of the Weavers of Words. Initially, I was pondering if I should dedicate this round to poems instead of short stories, but as this is KK's project, I'd rather just continue what she was doing in her pattern until she's back and able to discuss further with me. I'm sure we'll have something for poems in the future, but for now, the WOW is going to be focused on short stories. Additionally, while we opted for judging instead of having public votes in the first round, I'm not sure yet how the winner will be decided this time around. I'll need to consult KK first on it, but don't let it concern you and just focus on giving it your best shot.

    Oh yeah, did I ever tell you how cool serif typefaces are?

    All participants will get this award...

    ...but the winner will get this!


    I suppose it's more appropriate to call these "criteria", but referring to them as "rules" may help ensure that people pay attention to them. At least, I hope so. Anyway, the rules for WOW are pretty simple:

    1. Minimum 500 words. Maximum 1500 words.
    2. Only short stories are accepted. No poems.
    3. No racism, religious topics, overly obscene depictions, animal/child abuse or other inflammatory topics.
    4. You can pick any title you like for your story as long as it conforms with #3.
    5. Please post your finished entry wrapped within spoilers in this thread.


    The theme for this month's Weavers of Words shall be...


    "You ask me how thought and wish are formed in us. I answer you that I have not the remotest idea. I do not know how ideas are made any more than how the world was made. All that is given to us is to grope for what passes in our incomprehensible machine." ―Voltaire, Dictionnaire Philosophique

    It is only human to desire for something you don't have. It can be a very realistic and practical desire, such as hunger and thirst; it can be a dreamy desire that isn't necessarily impossible to happen, such as wanting to be a mogul who is surrounded by supermodels at any given time and uses $100 bills in lieu of toilet papers; or it can be a desire that isn't logically possible in this plane of existence, such as wishing that the pretty cat-eared girl on your monitor would crawl out and live with you.

    Anyway, to clarify:

    The theme for WOW #2 is WISH.
    I wish I could make people wish that my wishes would come true.

    You don't really have to write about your wishes or (anyone's for that matter). While the theme of the first round may necessitate the actual happening of a journey of some sort being part of the plot, this theme doesn't require the elaborations of someone's wish or the writing of a story centred around such a feel. You can, for example, write about a normal narrative story with hints at the desires of a character that at the end of the story come true whether through their own efforts or force majeure (which, I must stress, is not the same thing as a deus ex machina). Let's see how far your imaginative talents can take you. Best of luck to all participants!

    The deadline is on 30 APRIL 2016.
    You MAY edit your entry submission post as many times as you please before the deadline.

    Please submit your entry before the deadline. If you're unsure about certain aspects of your draft entry, feel free to ask around in the discussion thread. You can have only ONE post in the entry submission thread, but you're not restricted from discussing the WOW as much as you want in the discussion thread. The deadline may be extended on our discretion if circumstances necessitate it, but it won't be shortened for no reason, so rest assured and don't rush. Take your time to make a masterpiece!

    This thread is only for ENTRIES!
    For discussions, questions and comments, please go to this thread instead.

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    Re: WOW #2 - April 2016

    Still no entry yet? Oh well. I guess I can contribute my own this time. It won't be judged if it comes down to that again, but that's okay; I don't hate writing. Had to shorten some bits here and there, but managed to get it to exactly 1500 words without the title (in case nobody noticed, I changed the upper word limit from 1000 to 1500 for this round).

    8363 characters in 1500 words. The setting is based on one of the biggest witch trials in Europe.
    The Verge of Innocence

    Trier, 1581.

    On the east bank of the Moselle lived Misha, a young woman, and her great-uncle, Wolfgang, a healer. The villagers would rather not mingle with them, as they feared being associated with the maiden, whose mother was executed in Wiesensteig on accusation of sorcery. Wolfgang took Misha, who had not even seen her first winter then, and fled to Trier for safety. Whilst loathed, Wolfgang would get a visit from the people of Trier from time to time, as most others living nearby barely knew what a syringe was.

    Misha lamented living in relative seclusion. She understood, however, that Wolfgang had done so much for her, risking his own safety to protect and shelter her despite the velocity at which rumour travelled from Wiesensteig all the way to Trier. For this reason, Misha had but respect for Wolfgang, and would gladly help him with whatever he needed. Over time, Misha remembered the names and faces of everyone in Trier, although only one would befriend her.

    Her name was Veronica; a young maiden, not unlike Misha. Their friendship filled the missing piece Misha had always longed for: camaraderie, a companion, a good friend to spend her time with. The two would spend their time chatting and walking along the river banks whenever Misha was not busy helping Wolfgang. Veronica gradually came to know about Misha's mother and her fate. Unlike others, however, Veronica's first reaction was of pity and sympathy, and the two grew even closer.

    Looming in the darkness was fate: always keen to bend all who lived to its whims, it was reluctant to allow Misha's new happiness unharrassed.

    Heavy pounding on the door harshly woke Wolfgang up. The old man had grown weaker and had to rest more often. Angered, Misha stood up from her chat with Veronica, who was visiting, and opened the door. She was ready to chastise her rude guest, but was instead surprised by them forcing entry.

    Standing there were two men, stern and imposing, clad in black robes. Behind them was a villager who had been treated by Wolfgang before. "Inquisitors," muttered Veronica.

    "That's him!" shouted the villager while pointing at Wolfgang. "My wife got sick after drinking a potion he brewed!"

    Wolfgang stood up, his face looking miserable in a mix of confusion and drowsiness. "That potion was supposed to be yours! I made it clear that―"

    "Silence!" bolted one of the robed men. "Whether for him or his wife, you clearly brewed a poison. This will not stand!"

    "I'd never―" Wolfgang's objections proved useless, as the robed men were clearly not interested in a talk. They dragged the old man out of the house, leaving Misha and Veronica to stare dumbfounded. When she came to, Misha leapt outside to confront the inquisitors, only to be greeted by a horrifying view.

    Trier was in chaos, full of screams and cries for mercy. Inquisitors were dragging villagers out of their homes. Misha stood there, dumbfounded for a second time, until she heard cries mentioning her name.

    "Arrest the lass too! She's a witch's daughter!"

    Misha went pale. No, I'm not, her lips moved in silence. Fear started to overwhelm her as she witnessed Wolfgang being taken away and another inquisitor approaching. He then fell as a stone hit his right eye. Before Misha could turn around to see who threw it, she felt Veronica's hand pulling hers.


    And so they did. Out of Trier, away from the Moselle, into a grove of trees. They stopped and sat down to catch their breath. An old watch fell off Misha's pocket. Veronica stared at it as Misha picked it up.

    "Your great-uncle's?" asked Veronica.

    Misha nodded. "He asked me to look after it because he kept forgetting where he put it," she said meekly. "But..." Tears started to well up in her eyes. Veronica hugged Misha tightly and, in so doing, accidentally knocked the watch aside. A piece of paper fell from it. The two stared at it for a second, then Misha picked it up and began reading it.

    My dear Misha,

    If you're reading this, you're on your own. But worry not: I will always watch over you even from the hereafter. So will your mother. I'm sorry for having lied to you all this time―I've been finding the right time to tell you this, but I just can't. Still, you have to know the truth.

    Your mother, Eliana, was a sorceress.

    Not through her own whim, however. The inquisitors made her one. She was innocent when they arrested her, but she was desperate to save her child. You. She made a pact with a demon that she would spill her blood in exchange for her daughter's safety. Had it not been for the demon, I wouldn't have been able to escape with you all the way to Trier.

    I've lost faith in humanity after what I saw in Wiesensteig. Violence is never the answer, but it deters others also bent on violence. You have your mother's blood. She had immense power. It's up to you how to use it. Just remember: yours is a life saved through great sacrifice; never let it go to waste.

    Love, your great-uncle

    Veronica hugged Misha tighter as Misha sat still, her mouth agape, her hands trembling. "Lies," she exclaimed. "Lies!!"

    The grass behind them rustled as three inquisitors emerged. "There they are!" they yelled. It happened so fast: before they could object, both Veronica and Misha were handcuffed, taken to a cart alongside others accused of sorcery, and put in a prison cell.

    It was quiet. The maidens looked at each other miserably. "I'm sorry," Misha muttered weakly. "You didn't have to be involved."

    "They took half of Trier, anyway," sighed Veronica, trying to put up a smile.

    "You're not... repulsed by having a sorceress friend?"

    Veronica shook her head, still with her bitter smile. "You're the best I've ever had. And your mother did nothing wrong. She preserved her dignity and your safety. I'll have to thank her for delivering to the world a Misha I hold so dear." She took out a small knife as she said that.

    "What's... that for?" asked Misha as she stared in fear.

    "You never know what they're going to do to you when you're accused of sorcery," replied Veronica, her eyes resolute. "If I'm going to die after being forced to confess to what I don't believe, I might as well die while keeping my dignity."

    "NO!" shouted Misha.

    Veronica slashed her wrist and fell onto Misha's lap, blood gushing from the wound. Misha clutched Veronica's bloodstained hands tightly to her chest. "Please, Veronica," said Misha, stuttering from her shock and tears, "you can't leave me alone! You're my only friend!"

    "Smile for me, Misha," said Veronica, smiling and coughing, her face wet with her own tears as well as Misha's. "I don't want your sad face to be the last memory I have of you..."

    Misha forced a smile, although she was unable to stop her tears. With her friend's smile accompanying her departure, Veronica breathed her last, her lips moving in a motion that Misha took to mean "I'm sorry". Misha held Veronica's lifeless body and stared at the knife Veronica had used to end her life.

    Dignity, Misha muttered. Still tearful, she took the knife, as if in a trance, and held it above her wrist. She hesitated as the words written in Wolfgang's letter echoed in her head. Yours is a life saved through great sacrifice.

    "I just want to live normally and have friends," Misha murmured to herself. "Is that so much to ask for?"

    You have your mother's blood. She had immense power.

    Misha twitched. Her tears stopped and her eyes turned austere. She moved the knife away from her wrist and onto her palm. Throwing away her hesitaiton, she slashed it. Blood dripped from the wound to the stony floor.

    And she watched.

    She watched as the pool of blood widened. She watched as pitch-black hands crept out of it. She watched as a foul creature emerged from what had now become a vast swamp of darkness. One, then another, then another.

    She watched as the first creature felled a prison guard in one swoop. She watched as more guardsmen appeared and started yelling "demons". She watched as the pitiful humans were mercilessly torn apart as if their chainmail armour were paper.

    She watched as the demons, having massacred the entire garrison, gathered around and knelt before her.

    "I've never had so many friends before," said Misha, a smile blooming on her wet cheeks.

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      Spoiler: Stats 

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    Re: WOW #2 - April 2016

    I don't even know. I did this in 4 in the morning because I am totally doing my research paper that is not that significant but why in the heck is no one here.

    You're not alone anymore, Ignis~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, 1094 words and 5760 characters including spaces

      Spoiler: Her Wish 
    She only have one duty to fulfill in her life, that is to fulfill people's wish. For hundreds of years she stayed in the same chain of three japanese style room. There was a bathroom inside one room, bedroom in another and in the middle was the living room. Most of the day, she would spend inside the living room, sipping green tea while patiently waiting for another dead spirit to come in. No living person have stepped inside the girl's space. Every dead spirit that came to visit her had a one big wish that they wanted to fulfill. She had many dead spirits visit that she eventually stopped counting.

    The dead spirits had very unique and diverse wishes that they wanted the girl to grant. However, none have have ever asked one thing…

    「What about your wish?」

    Not once in her everlasting life have someone asked her that. Just like the dead spirits, she was waiting for someone to grant her wish. However, no matter how much she waited not a single spirit asked anything about her.

    Every single day, she would sit down in front of a small round wooden coffee table and listen to the bamboo fountain hit the rock of the pond once the water had filled it up. Everytime, she wished that she could slide open the window and look at the garden and pond outside but she was unable to do what she wanted. For reasons she did not know, she could not open the wooden sliding door no matter what.

    After a while, she started to think that the place she was in was just a cage to lock a monster away from everyone. She started to think that she was a monster, one of a kind monster. She assumed that she was the only one suffering of loneliness. Due to being in solitude for hundreds and thousands of years, she forgot what her emotions were. She was just like a hina doll sitting in front of a wooden coffee table.

    A certain day, she was sitting in front of the coffee table sipping some green tea just like always. She closed her eyes as she took a sip from her cup. When she placed down her cup, someone was in the opposite side of the table. It was a male high school student wearing a tattered steel gray T-shirt and a jet black pair of pants. His both hands were covered with tattered bandages that has red patches on it due to some of his blood leaking out. He stared at her with his crimson eyes while leaning on his right hand.

    「What is your wish?」

    She asked the student just like how she asked every spirit that visited her place. For some reason, she felt something was different with the student in front of her. Every spirit that she have met were all dressed in what they were wearing before they passed away. No matter what happened to the dead person’s attire, when they visit her, their attire were always formal and organized. However, the student in front of her was still in a bad shape.
    「I don’t have one」

    His answer surprised her but she did not showed him. The only way to visit her place was to have strong desire for their wish to be granted. He did not look like he was lying. Questions filled her mind. She was not prepared and her mind went back to the only words she knew how to use.

    「What is your wish?」

    She thought that talking to dead spirits were meaningless. Due to that she developed a really bad disease called shyness.

    「I'm only here to kill time. If I do have a wish, I don’t want you to grant it for me」

    She was speechless, she was overwhelmed by the student in front of her. Because of her, a moment of silence and awkwardness spread the room. Suddenly, the student stood up and walked to the sliding doors that she could not open, His left arm was completely broken as it flailed around as the student walked to the sliding doors.

    「It must be really boring to live here 」
    「What is your wish?」 She repeated once again.
    「Let’s turn it around and let me ask you. What is your wish?」

    Her eyes widened upon hearing what the student said. The student looked at her ocean blue eyes. At that moment she realized that the student knew about what she wanted, what she yearned for her whole life and the wish she thought would never be granted forever. The student was a scary individual, his eyes looked like it could see through everything she thought.

    「I can help you」

    A confident smile spread in his face. She wondered how he can be so calm despite his current condition.

    「All i have to do is to open this paper door….」

    The student reached to the door and slid open the door, revealing the pond she had always dreamed of. Her eyes sparkled as big bright smile appeared in her face, She looked at the student and at the pond back and forth. She could not believe what she saw. She slowly stood up but immediately fell down on her knees. Instead of trying to stand up again, she just crawled slowly to the wooden hallway of the place. That was the very first time she felt the shiny wooden floors of her house. She was speechless once again. She was overwhelmed with happiness that she could not control the smile on her face,

    「How is it?」 The student asked.
    「How?....」 She asked the student about how he opened the door,
    「That is for you to ponder. Now that what I wanted to do is finished, I’ll go back now」 The student sighed as he scratched the back of his head, making his spiky jet black hair even more messy.
    「Wait...」 She talked to the student.
    「I only do things that benefit me in a way so remember that you owe me one」 The student pulled out a shard of crystal from his pocket and threw it at the tatami. The crystal turned into a portal projecting a place that seems to be near a volcano as the terrain was overflowing with lava.
    「Enjoy the view」 The moment the student crossed the portal, it immediately disappeared, leaving her alone in the room again. However, unlike before, she has new places to explore…..
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    Re: WOW #2 - April 2016

    The story`s setting is in a house. The character name is not given as it can be anyone. The story is a bit darker and Im still learning to write so im so sorry for the writing. The story is based on daily prejudice but not to over the line, if its too much , tell me and I will delete it. Ahaahha, i just wanted to try to enter. So sorry if its not your cuppa tea. 1327 words. haaaaaa

      Spoiler: Mirror 

    A searing pain graces her body as she winced, nothing but silence fill the room as her body rustled against the bed sheet, making small noises. Her frail finger traces gingerly on her face then went down her arm and lastly on her stomach. The bruises felt a bit swollen beneath her nightgown. She managed to stood up but it was with great difficulty. The house is the only sanctuary that she had left. Its been years since she return. She went to her mother room. A desolate room, there is nothing but painful memories of her mother`s sweet smile, looking at her, caressing her hair with such fondness.
    In the room , stood a rather large mirror which she would look herself as a child , admiring her reflection. But now ,what she see is ugliness , crooked, broken and her mother eyes. She stare at the mirror intensively. Looking for defects as she twirl around .

    “why cant I be pretty ? I wish to be pretty” she looked herself in the mirror. Waiting for something, but the response she got from the mirror was silence. She didn’t want to give up on the mirror so she open her mother`s drawer, taking a red lipstick on her hand as she shakily apply on her chapped lips.
    Once finished, she tilted her head to sideways and ask the mirror again. “ Am I beautiful now?” silence strike again. She looked like a clown she thought to herself. She felt fake, wearing make up to conceal ugly things just to make herself feel better . A dark shadow formed behind her, she needed not to see who it was. She felt lucky to have him in her life, he rested his chin on her shoulder while his hand touch her hair. He stared at her reflection. She felt embarrassed as he scanned her body in the mirror. “You look ugly.” He says with a monotone voice. “ You can never be pretty , stop trying . You don’t look good in makeup anyways”. He snorts as she looked down to her feet, she bite her lower lips and she felt like crying but suddenly he kissed her on the cheeks “ don’t worry, I am the only one who will love you. They will hate you because you are just well too ugly and they will not accept you for who you are but not me. I will always be with you” he says, suddenly he disappeared into the darkness. She was alone in the room.

    She looked herself yet again in the mirror , finding something that she had lost . She abruptly touched her face, she despised the color of her skin. She closed her eyes as the memories form , ignites like fire inside her mind. The snickering were endless.

    “why are you so dark colored? You can never find appropriate mate if you are this dark. No one will like you!” her aunt grunts as her aunt combed her hair during the weekend. Even the matchmaker in her town said the same thing. All the money spent on bleaching products just to be beautiful like other girl doesn’t really worked out, she still have her mother skin feature regardless how many time she tries to change it. But she knows her mother is beautiful as she got praises from people
    “you re kind a good looking but its too bad you have dark skinned like your mother.” One of her classmate would have said.
    At that moment she hated her mother, she hated her mother, if her mother was ugly , then maybe she would have just happy being ugly.
    Her reflection shows a frown face as she realize this, she forced a smile on her face but to her it still not pretty enough.

    Defeated, she was about to turn around and exited the room when suddenly a very soft breeze pass, she looked back with eyes widen as she saw her mother in the reflection. She did not possess the same loving eyes that she thought she would. It was darker and her mother tilted her head and stared at her daughter, her smile became cynical and her lips open as if wanting to say something. But nothing came out but shrills of laughter boomed the room, her mother always scared her when she became weird, maybe that’s the reason dad left them in the first place, maybe he was scared of her too she thought to herself, the reflection of her sweet mother suddenly became distorted as the reflection recoil and her mother`s face look as in a great deal of pain before tears streams down her cheeks, a thick gash of line formed on her mother throat as her mother gasp for air, eyes rolling back, screaming gibberish words and she could not watch again the fate of her mother bears. Not again.
    She closed her eyes and put both of her hand both side of her ears and just hoping the picture of her mother would just disappear. Everything felt odd for a moment. There was no sound. Nothing at all, she opened her eyes, flabbergasted to see her mother sat besides her caressing her hair just like she use to do when she was a child. She looked her hand, it seems like a child`s hand. Her mother kiss her on the forehead and pull a small round compact from her bag
    “ Stay still , or this wont look good on you” She took a brush and softly dab on her child`s face.

    “we have to be pretty all the times, or people wont like you , people are only going to be nice to pretty girls.” Her mother added.
    She misses this. As tears started to fill her eyes
    “hush now, or it will smudge your face” her mother wipe the remain tears and continued her work .
    She was facing her mother against the rather large mirror that stood in her mother room and her mother was done make up her.
    “Look, don’t you look pretty?” her mother beams a proud smile and she turns around to see the mirror, eagerly to see how beautiful she is.

    She turned pale. The image that form in the mirror was not her. It was a boy. A thin, ugly boy she thought, shakily she stood up and started to bash the mirror with her own hands . Just trying to erase the reflection, her hand bled but it doesn’t matter. She needed to erase the memory, now and forever. She hated her real self, she wish she could be pretty like other girl. She wished she could be a girl. Maybe then people will like her.
    Shards of mirror flew everywhere across the room. Tears just flowing and after she managed to do enough damage to the mirror, she leaned on the wall ,out of breath and felt surge of pain through her hand. Her eye gaze on the shards of mirror on the floor. The reflection of her reflect the action of what she did but her reflection turn into a grimace. She knew now what she not knew then.

    “You never did love yourself for who you are , how do you expect people to love you for who you are?, you are too busy be other people expectation that you never had an expectation on yourself. You changed yourself so much that you couldn’t even recognize the real you anymore, you accept things just the way they are because you feel like you deserve it when truth is you can do so much more..”
    Her reflection say solemnly those word in the shards of mirrors before leaving her and she stare at the shards of mirror on the floor but what she see in the mirror was her mother`s eyes ,those sad eyes bore into her . After all, the mirror never lies.
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    Re: WOW #2 - April 2016

    Ummm. yea. I'm new here..... and I just started and there's like 4 days left? Oh god... If only I knew about this place earlier T.T

    Anyways here we go. I will still try my best. (If I'm not able to finish the story, I'll still keep it here)

    Note: It's going to be in first person perspective~

      Spoiler: Megalomaniacs 
    Darkness.... All I see is darkness now. There is no light to be seen at the end of the tunnel. The path set out, the road that I walk, is nearing its end.
    How pitiable I've become. My pride, desires, and my own ambitions slowly dissolved and melted away...just like the snowflakes in that starry night. The night where it all started.

    I was the sole son of the infamous Alucar house. The family of nobles who were known for their megalomaniac tendencies. They were comprised of savages who would stop at nothing to fulfill their cravings for power. To those who have earned their ire, they and every single person that were connected to them were completely and utterly obliterated. Not even a single corpse would be left for a proper burial. Naturally, I was ignorant of these immoral actions and thought that these were just natural occurrences within the world. Being surrounded with their grotesqueness, I didn’t pay it to heed and tolerated it since they acted differently in front of me. My brother, Erik, often ruffled my hair and smiled at me. My sister on the other hand, pampered me, gave me her attention, and protected me from the disgusting everyday sights of . All along, I knew that they also took part in the family’s illegal activities. Even so, I chose to ignore it. They treated me well, they smiled at me, and they gave their unconditional love. These things made me…
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    Re: WOW #2 - April 2016

    What have I done...? (843/1500)

      Spoiler: The Last Wish of the Rejected 

    On top of a mountain stood a man and a woman, the man was into his forties, with a battle-worn, yet gentle, face, and a strong body, cladded in full armor, while the woman was a petite lady whose growth had been stunted, and as a result appears not unlike a middle-schooler, but in reality she was in her early 30s, also wearing the same full armor as her partner. They were looking upwards to the sky, a blob of energy swirling above them, threatening to consume all existence in the world they are standing on.

    “This is it” said the man “we have retrieved the world’s last hope, the artifacts with the power to combat what is threatening its existence and received the power necessary to handle it, and we have fought our way here, coming all the way up to the summit of this newly formed mountain…”

    “The world does not want us, the world does not need us, we had de jure become abominations that walked the earth, and now we became de facto abominations to save the world that does not want or need us…Why did we agreed to this, again?” Replied the woman.

    “Even if we are not wanted nor needed by this world, I, for one, cannot just watch it burn and crack when I can do something about it. If we do this, we’ll perish. That’s good for the world, as they do not need us nor want us, and we save the world from destruction. Two birds in one stone!” The man said as he turned to look at the woman.

    The woman, looking deeply into his eye, then said “That is also my wish. The power to save the world is within us, and I’m sure that we both seek the welfare of the world and its inhabitants. Our crimes are so heinous that even a million of death won’t satisfy the sentence, and even the living world rejects our existence. We escaped captivity from a strange disaster that somehow obliterated the maximum-security prison we were in and escaped into a place outside of all jurisdictions…”

    “Mm…” spoke the man “Was it really luck? Why us? We were considered beyond all atonement nor redemption, kept alive because death was too good for us, and now this…perhaps our lives are meant for this moment…why wouldn’t whoever that saved us chose actual murderers instead? They would have better chance at this than us, just normal people with crimes ‘morally worse than the act of genocide itself’. ”

    “I don’t know about that, but my heart is feeling so calm now…” Said the woman. “What are you wishing for, dear?”

    “The welfare of the world we live in, walk on, and exist in. Even if we successfully saved the world, I doubt that counts as redemption for that crime of ours, but at least billions other beings don’t have to follow our destiny.”

    “Indeed…even if the world do not need nor want us, I, too, DO want the world to continue on. Even if it’s going to be destroyed again, at least that’s not going to happen for just a while longer.”

    “But who is to decide their fates for them?”

    “Well, every human being wants to live, right?”

    “Ugh…most of them…certainly not us, though. In fact, no one wants us alive.”

    The couple stood as close to each other as they could possibly be, as the energy blob began to drop.

    The man spoke up “Here’s to making our wish come true”

    He lowered himself to kiss his companion in her lips, for the last time, and the resulting energy charged the artifacts in their possession: A broadsword held by the man and the spear held by the woman.

    The couple, holding their respective artifacts and crossing them together, spoke up in unison:

    “For the world that houses us, for the world that raised us, for the world that hates us, for the world that rejects us, for the world that we love, may you continue on without this impending threat to destruction. Who saved you is not important, but rather, the fact that you are safe and continuing on is. Our rejected lives for the continuing existence of the world we love!”

    As soon as they finished their speech, they ascended towards the energy blob that is descending. The contact was made, and both of them simply disappeared, in the blob’s place the blue sky finally reveals, it was over. The world’s inhabitants could once again rejoice.

    The identities of the couple who saved the world would not be known to any of its native inhabitants. They only know that the disaster had passed and began to rebuild their ravaged societies. This story will remain unknown to the natives of this world for generations, at least, and hopefully it will never be discovered.

    The couple’s wish of the world’s welfare remains, and there had been no existence-threatening threats for generations…of course, none of the natives know of this, and it was for their own sake…

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    Re: WOW #2 - April 2016

    After many rewrites and changing story ideas, I finally got something done. This is my first time writing a slice of life story so I'm hoping it turned out alright. Although it kind of derailed at the end, and was rushed because I was afraid that I wouldn't get it in on time. I will add some more if the thread is still open when I wake up. For now though, sleep~ (1157/1500)

      Spoiler: The Outside 
    For months, she relived the memories of her past in her dreams. From the glaring sun on a middays walk along the sandy shores of South Carolina, or to the burst of colours and smells that swarmed her every time she passed the local florist. They were some of the many sights she had grown accustomed to, but were now just fleeting memories.

    Her eyes trailed towards the window. Down below, she saw a woman walking across the parking lot towards a car where a man was standing. She had a certain spring to her step and a smile on her face that reminded Isla of a small child that was allowed to finally go out and play. That’s how it should be, Isla thought. That’s how it should be like at the end of the day.

    She was full of contradictory feelings. She was happy for the woman but at the same time there was a terrible longing inside of Isla. If only she could leave this dreaded place – even for a few minutes, as long as she could feel normal again.
    But it wouldn’t happen, ever. Normal wasn’t part of her life anymore. Not after she was
    diagnosed with cancer three months ago. ‘Cancer’ sounded awkward in her mouth, unnatural, like a cold hard pebble rolling behind her teeth. She had been in an out of the hospital at the start, but deep in the back of her mind, she felt like she wasn’t going to be going anywhere this time.

    Her gaze drifted back to her room, or what she liked to call, The Cage. It was just her, the bed, the machines and the clock that was ticking away. She always hoped that the continuous beeping from the heart monitor would drown out the sounds from the clock. She despised it. It reminded her how she was just waiting for her inevitable end.

    “Smile!” A sudden flash blinded Isla.

    “Ouch!” She didn’t have to look at the source of the voice to realise it was her friend, Eden. He had come to visit her again. Technically it was his job - he was a volunteer here - but she liked to think that he was doing it out of friendship instead. After all, her parents were too busy with work to visit often, and her other friends had long stopped.
    And I don’t care, Isla thought with a bitter smile. She had come to terms with it. If
    anything, she was thankful that her illness was able to show her who her real friends were.

    “Sorry; you had a dumb look on your face, I had to preserve it.” The boy let go of the camera, which bounced as the strap around his neck caught it.

    “How rude!” Isla tried to sound irritated as she glared at him. He had blonde hair that was unruly, springing in curls and waves and bright green eyes. Nothing like hers. Her hair was a dull brown that was falling out. She instinctively reached up and touched it, feeling self-conscious creeping up on her as she did so.

    Eden gave her a thoughtful look, knowing exactly what she was thinking.

    “I was kidding. You look beautiful so I couldn’t resist”, he said as he sat on the bed, careful not to sit on her legs.

    Her prior self-consciousness vanished, and was instead replaced with a flustered feeling as she sputtered to get anything out. Her cheeks began to burn, her pale skin hiding none of it. Upon seeing this, Eden let out a chuckle.

    Isla couldn’t help but smile. Eden always had a special ability that made her happy and forget about her troubles. Forget that she was stuck in a dreary hospital and forget about her illness for just a moment. He made her feel normal again.

    She bit her lip before giving him a determined look.

    “Eden”, her voice was quiet, “I want to go outside.”

    It was barely a whisper but Isla knew he had heard her as his eyes widened, his face displaying a mixture of shock and confusion.

    “You can’t-”


    Isla realised that something must have shown on her face. Tightening his jaw in decision, Eden held out his arm towards her.

    “Can you walk?”

    This caused her to laugh. She wanted to reply with, “of course I can”, but she was too tired, too in pain - she didn’t trust herself enough to make it out of the hospital without collapsing along the way. Instead, she shook her head.

    “Alright, I’ll be back in a bit.” He quickly left her side and was out the door before she had time to respond.

    Isla stared at the door that was left ajar, her mind in a slight daze. It hadn’t registered fully yet that she was going to be able to go outside. But when Eden came back, wheelchair in hand, she couldn’t help but grin widely. Her eyes sparkled as he strode over to her and hoisted her up, hooking one of his arms under her legs and the other on her back. She yelped and held onto Eden for dear life. He chuckled and placed her down gently in the chair.

    Eden then flicked the brakes off and took the handles.

    "Okay, are you ready?" He asked.

    Isla nodded, feeling the excitement growing inside her.

    After seeing that the coast was clear, Eden quickly wheeled Isla out the door and down the corridor. It took many turns down different corridors, trying to avoid the occasional nurse and doctor, before they finally made it out of the ward.

    “We… we actually made it”, Eden let out a breath that he hadn’t realised he was holding. Isla glanced back at him as he wheeled her into the elevator. A guilty expression flashed across her face before she looked down.

    “I’m sorry, this was a selfish request…”

    Eden glanced down at her, a bit surprised by the sudden apology.

    “Don’t worry about it, just treat me to some food whenever you get out of here. Hospital food sucks”, he replied.

    Isla smiled at that, a slightly sad smile.

    "No promises."

    When they finally made it outside, Isla stared in awe. Being cooped up for so long, it all looked like a fantasy to her; the best part being that it actually wasn't a fantasy. It was real. The outside was so much more fresher than she remembered.

    She craned her head up, her gaze fixated on the South Carolina sky. It was so blue - a bluer blue than it ever was. A beautiful, luminous colour that seemed filled with promise.

    “What are you looking at?” Eden asked as his gaze followed hers whilst flickering back to the girl once every few seconds.

    “Nothing”, she hummed, feeling a bit more vigorous than she did before.

    “Hey Eden?” She suddenly spoke up again as she turned her head to look at him.


    “Thank you.”

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    Re: WOW #2 - April 2016


    The task of sorting the entries in order of preference proved to be anything but trivial. All six entries had their own style and approach, each differing from the others, necessitating a careful read to grasp all the nuances. Tastes will always differ and a consensus in what constitutes 'good' writing may only be as widely accepted as the influence of the group of people agreeing on said consensus. Accordingly, mine isn't an assessment devoid of sways and biases. Still, a winner must be chosen; a list of preferred entries I shall write. Even though I'm going to try to put it simple and short.

    ・・・Entry of @Velenora;

    Why I chose this as the winning entry

    First of all, I really need to say that deciding between the winner and the second winner really made me think a lot. But in the end this is how things looks like. Like I said, choosing the first and the second was the most difficult part of the contest result but I'm truly glad. Anyway enough blabber of me, the reason why this piece of awesomeness won is because it made me feel that 'wish' which Isla had, and I felt that. Other stories were also really great but this was the most amazing one, I could feel what characters were feeling and how things were happening and the most great thing is that wish. Story was kind of fast but it really gave the feeling of 'true wish'.

    ・・・Entry of @Ignis;

    Why I chose this as the runner-up

    Here comes the second piece of awesomeness, I was very confused how to decide about this story since it was the first that I've read from the rest. I really liked how characters and the story line was amazingly smooth and well written but there was something lacking somehow, that wish part maybe wasn't enough? Though still it was a great story and one of the best from the rest. But the reason why it got second place maybe Misha's true wish actually got left behind and lost it's meaning when she cut her hand and with her blood demons appeared? Not as friends but as guards, by the power comes from her blood made them real...they were there to fight not to listen her wish...hmm I blabber as well I guess. Had my own theories, here and there, but I hope you see the reason.

    ・・・Entry of @ancer_nyaa;

    This beautiful piece actually got me really good, the story and scenes were so amazing and imaginary, everything felt imaginable and it was a great exprience while reading. I really enjoyed it and kept wondered what would happen next, but things ended quite unexpected. Not that I'm a pro viewer when it comes to these things but I could say that it had too much of the main theme. The story itself was telling the plot kept repeating the same thing, wishes over wishes again and it was a good idea, to keep the reader interested. But my expectations were right in the end so it felt empty and I couldn't feel the true wish within the girls mind. Maybe it's just me but still it was a great story.

    ・・・Entry of @pingtoryan;

    I need to say this was a bit of difficult plot, I readed over 5 times but still couldn't get what the actual wish was even though it was openly written at the end. But while I read each entry, I'm trying to be fair while reviewing and my blabbers might cut off the actual review but in this story; the actual story line was pretty good though the characters came out of nowhere and everything happened too fast and story ended with the wish was written at the end. It was a good story yet it had many parts that needs to be re-written in my opinion.

    ・・・Entry of @aienma;

    It started confusing but ended more confusing, I felt what the main hero felt but it wasn't enough to cover up the mess within the story line everything was too confusing for me, even though plot was great and I really liked how it was surprising at some points which made the story line more interesting and the plot itself. But all covered up too much for the wish and it lost the meaning there for a second and I got lost in thoughts all alone thinking what to do now? This was the right place for this story but I'm not saying that it was bad, it just lacked the main theme in my eyes.

    ・・・Entry of @Holler;

    Why this didn't earn a higher position

    I wish it was a bit longer so I could've review it longer even though I'm writing these short. But thank you for writing and taking your time, will be waiting hopefully for your next entry. Hope it'll be a complete one next time!


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