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    Looking for some help for creating H-Codes (AGTH/ITH)

    Okay, so I understand the basic concept of creating the codes. You just need to select the type of injection at a certain address, so roughly, it's

    What I don't seem to understand is the breakpoint process or theory.
    Recently, I had tried to make the H-Code for this game, but realized that for some reason, the address of the text would switch every time the engine was started.

    I would really appreciate it if someone can clarify how the heck one goes about finding the "actual" address you instruct the injection to go to. I've read the instructions and video tutorial multiple times, but the above problem thwarted me and I'm sure it won't be the last time.


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    Re: Looking for some help for creating H-Codes (AGTH/ITH)

    Have you seen some codes like /HAC@48FF3:cmvs32.exe from
    The formula is like: base address + offset = "actual" address. Hcode could be like /HAC@ "actual" address or /HAC@offset:module name

    I assume you will ask about what does ":cmvs32.exe" mean? It tells your tool that the base address is from module cmvs32.exe. Well, quite a number of games modules start from 0x400000. In this case, /HAC@48FF3:cmvs32.exe can also change to be /HAC@448FF3.

    However, there are lots of games with dynamic addresses. So /HAC@448FF3 will not work. You have to tell tools which module you are using, and tools will find base addresses from module names that you give. That's why sometimes we use /HAC@48FF3:cmvs32.exe instead of /HAC@448FF3. In ollydbg, pressing alt+E will give you the list module addresses and you have to calculate offsets, while in CE debugging window directly points out offsets.

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