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    help for some translation

    well i gonna be brief the english no it's my mother language but i am translating a game in english for the use of public because what I receive I give and the comunity is generous. with the text don´t have problem, the problem it´s the fucking menu I just can't find it unpack the game with kiriri, the game is xp3 and there are several that I want to translate but for me it doesn't make sense to translate the texts and the menu not, that's what the VNR it´s not? don´t get me wrong i LOVEEEE VNR but not traslate the menu it's like when you want to make a crempie and she said no, It´s sad and don't close the deal, it's not fair, well if anyone knows a complete translation tutorial or can help me it would be appreciated
    I also want to learn Japanese, what book do you recommend that I download
    the game name it´sコンビニ少女Z
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