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    What's up & did you get anything new in your collection lately

    I don't know if i chosen the right section to ask this & MOD & Admin if this is wrong section please fix it anyway I'm just seeing how are all of you doing lately & seeing if you gotten anything new in your collection & by that i mean anime merchandises including manga,doujinshi,hentai,hentai manga & hentai stuff,etc.,etc.

    If you wanted me to tell all of you what I've gotten from for Christmas up til now feel free to ask me or let me know & I'll gladly tell you all if you want me to anyway just seeing how are all of you fellow gamers & fellow otakus doing recently & if you gotten anything new in your collection & don't worry it's don't matter if it's new,used or pre-own.

    have fun sharing & enjoy if you wish to share yours & MOD & Admin if you want to join in this then you're always welcome to join in the fun .

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    Re: What's up & did you get anything new in your collection lately

    I did got something. Something nice, something unique and I can't wait for next week for it too arrive. I will keep posted of what it is. Here is a clue. It is in my humble opinion one of the uttermost ways to support and show my fandom to a particular eroge brand. And also I got a new Muv-Luv TSF to my collection.
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