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    Post Which game from Illusion should a beginner play first?

    I have been meaning to play games by Illusion for a while and did download artificial shoujo earlier this year. but the control is awkward and it doesnt work half of the time or that somehow even if i make it to the H scene the protagonist just prematurely ... finishes up business as soon as it is on. And there are just so many customisation options and I really dont know what you are supposed to do other than grope and walk those girls. Its fairly an early instalment in the series from 00s or so and I am frankly confused about the whole game more than anything. (and no translation to boot)

    are there some other games made by Illusion or just by 3d erogame makers( not VN and not that kind of erotic RPG or action made with RPG maker) that are beginner friendly (in the sense that the control is easy or there are well-documented english guides and resources), have linear gameplay style or at least they teach you about your objectives and methods to achieve them, and most importantly, readily available preset resources for characters so customisations could be ignored (i am really, really, horrible with all those sliders and buttons in character creation and in any game i play that involves appearance customisation i always use the default character appearance. )

    for example, are later instalments of artificial shoujo or artificial academy / custom maid more user friendly?

    are there games with some sort of linear story gameplay, instead of being a simulation kind of erogame?

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    Re: Which game from Illusion should a beginner play first?

    Have you played School Mate 2 by Illusion? This is a bit of a shameless plug, since I did much of the translation for that game, but it is one of my personal faves and ticks most of the boxes for things you've listed.

    It has:
    linear VN style story in-between the H-scenes to tie it all together
    simple/easy control scheme
    well documented wiki for how to do everything
    basically no customization

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