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    When should i warned or tell her that I'm a otaku too at my age

    Please allow me to explain why I'm asking you fellow otakus like myself for a little extra help ahead of time I'm asking because if some girl/woman acts like she likes me & if she's way way outta my league sooner or later she might asked me or might starting ask me what do i do in my spare time asking about my hobbies.

    To be honest i don't know how to break to her or explain that we're not compareble especially when she's what we call a normie because if she ever found out I'm a otaku too or found out how much of a otaku i really am i bet you she'll never wants to see me again ever again if she brings up the question i just don't know how to tell her or explain to her that I'm a otaku too at my age.

    When & if she ever does acts like she likes me so in a way I'm kinda stuck so i kinda like to ask you older otakus like myself for some extra advice & yes in a way the show Densha Otoko gave me the idea for the question if it happened to me too you can see what i mean & yes some of us older otakus like myself went through that too as well so I'm asking in this section to ask you all for extra piece of advice & tips if you have any.

    MOD if you know a better section that fits this question then feel free to move it a better spot if you needed to thanks & thanks for your help ahead of time when & if this ever does happened to me too & thanks for your understanding & don't worry I'm not ashamed of being a otaku if you're wondering
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    Re: When should i warned or tell her that I'm a otaku too at my age

    I am younger than you but i want to offer my advice anyway.
    Don't be so scared of letting others know what you like, you are treating this as some king of stigmata when it is just an innocent hobby. I have seen many "otaku"(and i know several well over 30) getting together with a "normie" and usually they get along well despite their different hobbies. Try to be open and sincere amd if the argument comes up just say the truth, that you simply like manga/anime or VNs etc.
    If the other person can't accept something so simple maybe they are the abnormal ones or there wasn't any real attraction anyway... You cannot know if you don't try.
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