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Second Brain - ch 1
If you're into shounen type manga (naruto, bleach, one piece), then this is worth checking out.
I recommend it as it looks really promising..
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Since I'm caught up on The Gamer, Mysterious Girlfriend X, and some others, I've been reading Soul Cartel since I glanced at it and it interested me. The new chapter of Tower of God is out, but I'm kind of using that as a carrot on a stick right now. The conditions are, I sort all of the files I've been meaning to on my computer for a few weeks now, clean up my bookmarks some, which I've been meaning to do for even longer, and sweep around the room since it's been a few days and there's dust and dirt. All of that, then I will allow myself to read the new chapter.
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Pattern is different, but I wonder if the story is similar to Natsume-Yuujinn-Chou.

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