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Video Girl Ai. Would the MC still go for his original crush? Would he go for the junior who has a crush on him? Who am I kidding, the titular heroine's name is in the title! :goodtea:
Finished the latest Yandere Kanojo. Might have to check up on Detective Conan as the only ones I get are in Chinese. Heading back to Binetsu Shoujo 19.

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sikany wrote on Otokonoko's profile.
Could you please upload the 2024-7-13 update for RJ01174340?
jsinclair wrote on Shine's profile.
Hello Shine.
Could you re-upload this on Mexashare, Please ? if possible.
I would appreciate it.
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girls girls girls would be plausible to get reup on this on mexashare, looks like all links are dead.