Visual Novels game..

well ... you titled this thread "visual novel games"

that in itself is a misnomer ... despite what JAST, and Peter of JList, might say about how great the visual novel games are that they are selling ... visual novels are NOT games ... they do not play like a game in any way

if I remember correctly ... what is now called visual novel games ... started back in the 1980's when the short lived fad of interactive stories enjoyed their heyday ... they were an attempt to work off the popularity of the rpg's like Dungeons & Dragons and others ... the books gave you a story with various branches you could pick from ... at the bottom of the page would be a question or two and depending on what your answer was you got sent to different pages in the book

modern "visual novel games" are nothing more than a computerized version of those old books ... you get a story, with a very limited number of choices ... and a very limited number of possible endings
... this limited level of "interaction" with the story is that way because like the original stories ... the creators quickly discovered that to make a story with lots of possible storylines and endings took a LOT of work, and would have required an unwieldy, HUGE, physical book ... and while a computer might eliminate the need for a huge physical book ... it does not eliminate the need for huge amounts of work to create a truly engaging story with a worthwhile number of storylines and endings

btw ... this also applies to what are being passed off as "dating sims" coming out of Japan ... they are NOT dating sims ... they are visual novels with a limited amount of choices and endings
... why do you think so much fun is being poked at the joke called Japanes dating sims in the anime series "The World God Only Knows" ... the main character is know as the god of conquest because he has played so many of them that he has memorized all the different storyline options that are used over and over again in the dating sims

personally ... of the visual novels I have tried ... the only one I thought was worth anything was "Yume Miru Kusuri"
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