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Saga planets titles are a bit... too crappy for my taste but let's just say they are passable. I'm also playing some indie game, and some are very high quality.

To be honest I'm also not a big fan of Saga Planet, but still as a company its kind of big so thought I'd add it to the list as well.

For indie games, I'd be very glad to try a couple of them as long as they are vanilla, if you have any recommendations of course.
I'm playing Natsu's Treatsure Hunt (なつのさがしもの) at the moment but it may not be very vanilla (I honestly don't know)

Doujin that I have been playing recently.
Onigokko (RJ01107593)
Summer Memories / Winter Memories (RJ01043101) from DojinOtome
That Summer Island / Ano Natsu no Shima (RJ398173)
There's also game about sheltering run away girls but I can't remember what it is.
Life with a College Girl RJ01094259

You should try Smile and CandySoft's subbrand Hachimitsu Soft marriage series...
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Pain. It seems most of my favorite companies are basically dead, but I can't say I didn't see a few coming. RIP axl
Hooksoft (and its sister brands) seems to be silent for nearly a month now...and Moonstone woke up outta nowhere to announce a new game under Cherry brand back in late September, with release date set in late December.

An unpredictable time indeed...
With the recent economy downturn, I think the eroge industry will shift to shorter development time, shorter game in order to keep the price around the same. Shortflation? lol
Well, if we don't count TON of nukige games that I always see each month on Getchu page...

There are still some brands appearing, but I noticed that such brands are usually "1-project-only". I don't quite understand why we need such a ton of sub-brands of sub-brands of sub-brands, like... AkabeiSoft2's newest sub-brand Archive with their new game, and staff is same as Aino+Links game... it's so confusing to me, why...

Also seems like Windmill is dead after their main artist left *sob*
They didn't even release 3rd part of Ichikano series.
Meanwhile, Docchi no I ga Suki Desu ka? gets a console port, and interestingly, not for PS5, only PS4 and Switch as always.
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