[vintage][silky's] 愛しの言霊


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Jun 3, 2017
title: 愛しの言霊
company: silky's (シルキーズ)
date: 2001.07.27

does anyone have this still? Thanks
Apparently, this VN has an OVA adaptation. I'd love to have a copy as well if anybody has the game.
I have the game bought.
Took a dump recently, wait a bit, I'll see if it's still with me(I recently moved to Japan, and all of my belongings are left at home, in another country)
Just note it's the 2001 release, not Windows 10 Support release, since it was a used disc I bought at amazon.
somehow it's been days and admin still doesn't approve it.
PM me, I'll give you a link in private then.
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