[Japanese] [SANO Takashi] 今宵、妻が。16 / Koyoi, Tsuma ga. 16

I like this series a lot as it gives enough appeal and intrigue without the cliche cheating, however, I don't like how the author keeps giving kaede more opportunities to indulge herself without kenji knowing. Her character is that of a masochist who becomes more lewd and shameless which is her appeal and she always saves herself for kenji which is the basis for the series, but she has already crossed the line too far by doing things she shouldn't do and not telling kenji which makes her seem like she may eventually do the unthinkable. She already indulges with the female neighbor which is ok so far, and with all of kenji's female coworkers and she also showed her naked body and spread her pussy and came squinting in front of a room full of random men. She also dressed in a lewed costume and showed her wet pussy to the oldman grandpa and then allowed him to either suck or finger her pussy until she and the grandpa came together and she has kept all of that from kenji who has always known about her lewd masochist situations where she gets embarrassed and horny and wet and then always took care of her horniness by smashing her pussy until she was satisfied.
I'm waiting for vol. 18 and 19 to see how far the author goes but I really hope he doesn't go to far and makes the series a cliche cheating partner where kaede continues to do things that kenji doesn't know about instead of having kenji continue to know about the masochistic shameless situations that kaede keeps getting herself into and then taking care of her horiness and keeps her from doing the unthinkable.

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