[Request] [MBS Truth -Deep Blue-] OH!!マイクロマン ~小さくなって女の子の色んなトコロに入っちゃお~

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Sep 5, 2012
Title original: OH!!マイクロマン ~小さくなって女の子の色んなトコロに入っちゃお~
Romaji: Oh!! Micro-Man ~Chiisaku Natte Onna no Ko no Ironna Tokoro ni Haicchao~
Translate: OH!! Microman~Become tiny and explore girls"
Released date: 2014-12-26
company: MBS Truth -Deep Blue-


Summary: On a certain morning, waking up with a harsh sneeze, You've realized that you've shrunken down to a tiny size on your bed.
Obtaining the ability of "Micronization" all of the sudden, the main protagonist, Mitsuru Maikuro (lold at them for choosing "Micro" as his surname) decided to utilize his newly micro-sized form to perform perverted activities (ranging from peeking up women's skirts and spying on girls from an exciting angle in the bathroom to crawling deep into their clothes as well as into their underwear) and so starting a new, fantastic and exciting life for himself! And don't forget that you could also go in and out from the women's hot spring for as much as you would like to!

OFICIAL PAGE: http://mbstruth.com/omm/omm_top.html


Plis, i been searching this game almost a month now, but is nowhere to found, help me find a Upload of this game T,T
Hello I wanted to know when arrives the last games mbs truth deep blue OH !! マ イ ク ロ マ ン planned at the base to 26 December 2014 does this aurrai games it passes under your radar or alertness while we now cover d like to know when the game will be post on anime-sharing for we are many al wait while we are willing to be patient but wait 1 month for games like mbs truth ca la evil foux so if quelqun pourait get the message has an AC modo would be cool to have faster o the games mbs truth OH !! マ イ ク ロ マ ン remerci I m all who help to make things happen
c all well and good but not great ca worlds I think only owns a mikocon account if quelqun owns a mikocon account that he take the ba aprer and the position of AC drives sharing would be cool
Well + then I throw(launch) an ultimate desesperait message so that one person finds us a link for games(sets) mbs truth deep blue OH!!?????? Because he(she,it) maitenant fact 1mois quon wait on sharing liven up(lead) but always nothing has l horizon then if quelqun attention of the free link and pa paying and quon has sites for telercharger games(sets) free of charge by link but be pa to oblige to join on the site to see the links or otherwise by torrent but inform you before sending to us on a site or we can telercharger games(sets) but we can just see the release then if quelqun arrive has to find games(sets) mbs truth deep blue OH!!?????? And what link its voucher ca would be very cool for everybody esperant quil arrive on sharing by the end of the month liven up(lead) because openly short the bowl d to be patient needs pa to abuse either
good always guys anything about the last games mbs truth deep blue OH !! マ イ ク ロ マ ン it's been one month quond expect and frankly it starts to make long y 1 point must stop this shit from geule the worlds or people and dir that he there has pa someone for meter us valid link free and non-paying fucking but lo what you doing what the modo anime sharing and becomes the game mbs truth deep blue OH !! マ イ ク ロ マ ン bonn it quelqun forum can really help thank you in advance becaufe the patience and I even became fools and croyer months I am the only pa n any help and welcome to make things happen faster o thank you to you
good j hope that c for the weekend last mbs truth deep blue OH !! マ イ ク ロ マ ン becaufe one month and a half of waiting it starts to make long you croyer pa and saw that person arrives at post free links or torrent I ask issues last good hope that j c foix set for good
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