[Request] [080222][ほにゃららNoir] クリムゾン・レーキ -CRIMSON LAKE-


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Mar 15, 2017
Original title: クリムゾン・レーキ
English title: Crimson Lake
Release date: 2008-02-22
Release company: C-CUBE
vndb: https://vndb.org/v560


Another obscure one; I checked the following threads and they were entirely dead (most recent was almost a decade old):
[Japanese] (080222) [Multi hosting] クリムゾン・レーキ
[Japanese] [080222][ほにゃららNoir] クリムゾン・レーキ -CRIMSON LAKE-
[Japanese] (080222)[US][HF][WU][FS]クリムゾン・レーキ

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Hi if you get time can you reupload this please.
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Saw you posted this recently. Do you have any other works by Snow3d (especially the "Female Agents: The boy" series) that you don't mind sharing as well?
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Hi, would you reupload the dead links for 幻想生物図鑑 series, especially with their html? I can't find them anywhere.
Also, do you happen to have older works from this series? Those works that don't even appear on offical site anymore.
Many thanks.